Indivisible Sonoma County is looking for your help.
Do you like to make things happen?
Can you plan a party? Organize a meeting? Contact the press? Talk to exciting people who also like to make things happen?
Indivisible Sonoma County holds monthly general membership meetings, occasional other events, and may work with other progressive organizations to plan bigger events. And we cant do this without you. We need your help to coordinate, collaborate, oversee, and plan events.

Interested? Wed love to talk.

We are looking for more people to help improve our communications
Can you research legislation and write a brief description?
Can you attend a meeting and tell us what happened?
Can you research more about our MoCs and candidates for office?
Can you write a paragraph or two about what you think Indivisible ought to focus on?
Can you edit text for our web page?
Can you write a letter to the editors, or issue a press release?
We are looking for writers, editors, teachers, and thinkers to help us share the values of Indivisible.
Write to us here!