Hello there wacco folks!

I'm interested in bartering with a housecleaner for my small studio, in exchange for voice and/or songwriting lessons.

I'm a professional vocalist, actress, and voice teacher, teaching singing, spoken word, and songwriting.

Probably 1-2 hours a week:
a 1- 2 hour lesson, in exchange for your 1- 2 hours housecleaning, each week,ie., my time is equal to your time.

Possibly, you could also use your trade to gift someone else with voice lessons.
Spoken word lessons are helpful for actors, poets and authors who give public readings, as well as for folks who are afraid of public speaking.

I can send you more info about the lessons I offer, if you like.

I teach all almost all styles, except classical.
I teach all ages (children, teens, and adults), and beginning through advanced lessons.

Shy folks and beginners are welcome!

I also have a background in education(including homeschooling) and music therapy, and I'm a songwriter, too.

Please have references and experience.

Please reply to me privately, through wacco.

Dusty Wroten
aka gaiasophia on wacco.