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    I Want Someone Who Wants to Grow Food or Microgreens

    This is an opportunity for someone that wants to grow food or microgreens.

    I have a large greenhouse that is not being used. I think it should be used by someone for growing food (organic maybe). It's just a shame to see it sit empty and not being used. I am not physically able to do the work that will be needed.

    Maybe hydroponics or aeroponics, growing in pots, etc. Growing in the ground would probably not work unless you built beds and filled them with good soil.

    I am personally interested in microgreens at the moment and have been playing around a little with that in my small greenhouse. I'm not interested in making a business out of anything at this point in my life.

    This space could also be great for a community garden with a group of people interested in growing their food.

    If you have space and would prefer, I'm also willing to sell the greenhouse if you want to disassemble and move it.

    I don't have a lot of demands or expectations, but just see an opportunity I would have loved to have when I was younger and more able. Hopefully someone out there could make a good opportunity, income, or have better food out of this. (A licensed pot operation would possibly be considered, but I'd rather not go there if we can find other uses for the space. Just mentioning it because I expect I might get that response.)

    Ideas would be welcome.

    If you'd like to make contact, see the space, brainstorm, etc., please respond and we'll see what can happen.
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