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    Art of Leadership workshop with Tiffany von Emmel - Seb. Community Center

    March 28 - May 16th;11:30 am - 1:00 pm
    Where Sebastopol Community Center Youth Annex, 390 Morris Street
    Cost $25 for open class; $185 for 8-week workshop
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    Cultivate relational leadership through learning fun physical improvisation, mindfulness, compassion, concepts, and practicing artful reflection.

    • Gain self-awareness and social awareness
    • Increase your self-confidence and agency. You got this!
    • Increase your ability to be calm and present
    • Play with creativity in a safe learning environment
    • Learn interpersonal and group dynamic skills
    • Connect across differences
    • Experience interconnection with others and the earth.

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    Sebastopol Community Cultural Center
    Thursdays, 11:30am-1pm
    March 14, and 21: Open classes, $25 each
    March 28-May 16th, 2019: 8-week workshop, $185

    Click HERE to register and reserve your spot.

    Working with Tiffany
    "Because of the trust you built, I was able to take risks in the group. Your ability to help everyone feel comfortable is amazing."

    "For the rest of my life, when I imagine being in a tough situation, Iíll muster up the Interpersonal Dynamics toolbox and think of you in all the ways that youíve helped us reach and grow."

    "There are so many wonderful ways I have learned from being adept at navigating emotional situations. I will be replaying these memories of profound moments throughout my life."

    Tiffany von Emmel, PhD is a leadership educator and a senior facilitator at Stanford University, facilitating Diversity Dynamics, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Emotional Intelligence courses. Founder of the global cooperative, Dreamfish, in Kenya, and Improvisation Labs in Berlin, Germany, Tiffany is the Co-Director of Include, an educational nonprofit.

    Questions? Contact the instructor at [email protected]

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