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    Individual sessions w/ ascension teacher and spiritual guide

    Monday, March 18th;7:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Where Sebastopol, CA
    Cost $66-199
    Event Website Event Facebook Page Add to Google Calendar
    “I highly recommend the Spiritual Ascension Teachings & Experiences, as well as Personal Sessions with Camille Moritz. I have personally worked with her over the last 5 months and found her information, guidance, and spiritual experiences, to be some of the most advanced and most valuable, for all those that are personally dedicated to moving forward in the accelerated Spiritual Ascension process that is now occurring. She has been able to assist me to overcome blocks and restrictions in my life, with spiritual techniques that I could have not accomplished on my own. And she is extremely informed and tuned into the current Ascension Process, major Ascended Master Guides, and Archangels that are assisting 5th Dimensional Realities, and so much more, that can support you at whatever level you choose to spiritually activate at this very evolutionary time on the planet. And this is why I have invited her to the Temple on Pleasant Hill, to support and serve you.” -Debra Giusti

    Camille specializes in highlighting in your consciousness and experience:

    • Heaven On Earth, Just For Being
    • Daily Plays for Enlightening Life and Removing Obstacles for Success, Clearing Soul Karma
    • Multi-Dimensional Activation, Regeneration, and Restoration of Love. The Divine Plan as our Unlimited Potential in Human Form. Heaven on Earth, Just For Being!
    • Only Love Is Real
    These workshops will also highlight Affirmative Ascension Plays for Multi-Dimensional Activation, Regeneration, and Restoration of Love. The Divine Plan as our Unlimited Potential in Human Form. Heaven on Earth, Just For Being!

    • Unified Being: Heal the Three-Fold-Flame of our Sacred-Heart. Transcend Duality and Restore Sacred Trust. Activation of Divinely Intended; Love, Power & Understanding.
    • Co-Creator Being: Sacred Science of Manifestation, Affirmative Conscious Co-Creation Formulas for Manifesting Heaven on Earth. Immaculate Concept. Violet-Flame Play-sheet.
    • Master Being: Individual Sovereignty and Self-Empowerment.
    • Magical Being: The Power of the 13 as Super-Powers.
    “THE GOLDEN AGE OF LIFE HAS A NEW PLAY-BOOK. “All is intended to happen through prayer, Invocation, affirmation, claiming, and requesting or asking source from the sacred heart. And it does so due to our Inherent Value as divine sacred worthy and imperfectly perfect Co-Creator Being's. Ask and it will manifest in form.... JUST FOR BEING!!!”

    Camille Moritz is a Revelator of Light, Activator, Way-Shower, Psychic, Spiritual Medium, and Remover of Obstacles for Fulfilling Life. She is a channel for Divine Mother and the karmic Board of record keepers. Camille is the author of the Easy Golden Age Play-Book titled, “Heaven On Earth, Just For Being, Light Activation Play-Book” A conscious co-creation ascension manual, heralding in the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Camille has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Graduate Studies in Jungian Archetypal Psychotherapy & Body-Centered Therapies. She has been a 15-year clinical case manager in traditional centers and has been providing Spiritual, Psychic, Intuitive Readings, and Transformational Soul Healing sessions for more than 20 years.

    INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS WITH CAMILLE MORITZ: Session provides Spiritual Guidance and Channeled Messages. Messages from Ancestors, those who have passed & Higher-Self. One Heart Soul Trans-Formational, Trans-Dimensional, Activation and Clearing Sessions. Allows the healing process for structural, emotional, mental and spiritual causal body systems. Past-Life Revelation & Recall. Clearing blockages, contracts, & karmic debt from this life, previous lives and cosmic lives. Reset & Activate the Divine Blueprint.

    In Person, Phone & Skype sessions:

    • $66/30 min.
    • $133/60 min.
    • $199/90 minutes
    Contact Info:
    [email protected]

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