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    Sebastopol Regional Library's Avatar
    Sebastopol Regional Library

    North Bay World of Ideas: Us/Them in Relationships and Society

    Saturday, February 23rd;2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    Where Sebastopol Library 7140 Bodega Ave. Sebastopol, CA 95472
    Cost Free
    Event Website Add to Google Calendar
    Have you ever considered how humanity's past affects our present and what that means for our future? Would you like to?

    The events are generally about half presentation, by the session host or a guest speaker, followed by discussion moderated by the host or presenter. Divergent ideas are welcome; however, the discussions are moderated to keep them civil and fully respectful, to attempt to give all participants a fair amount of time to speak, and to try to focus the conversation generally around the topic of the day. So we're all invited to contribute, but you don't have to be an expert to be welcome, participate, and enjoy the fellowship of thoughtful people who all agree to be open to divergent ideas and treat each other with respect.

    The events explore the world of ideas, in the broadest sense, including: human evolution, paleoanthropology, and anthropology; evolutionary psychology, brain science, and psychology; mythology, eastern thought, religion, and philosophy; sociology; public policy; history and pre-history; cosmology and the sciences; and the arts and humanities, to name a few. Of special interest are the interconnections among all fields of knowledge and tracing questions about the present and future back to root causes in our past and in who we really are as human beings. Ideally that approach can help us develop constructive, practical approaches we can build into our lives.

    Examples of past and future session topics include:
    •The Nature of Paradoxes (in history, art, comedy, religion, Zen, etc.)
    •Eric Fromm's The Art of Loving
    •Emotional and Social Intelligence (brain science and the Goleman books)
    •Rationality, Ego, Self, and Wisdom
    •Major Turning Points in Human Evolution and Society
    •Hunter-Gatherers, Communities, and Agriculture
    •Polarity and Compromise in Relationships and Society
    •Us/Them in Relationships and Society
    •The Evolution of Gender Roles and Relationships
    •The Roots of Greed and the Lust for Power
    •Should We Trust Science?

    Please read more about each session's topic at The events are free; however, we ask that you register in advance, either at the above site or on this page. If you do need to cancel an RSVP, please do so as soon as you know you will not be attending—preferably at least 48 hours before the event. Essential information is presented at the beginning of each session, so please arrive on time or early.

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    Dustyg's Avatar

    Re: North Bay World of Ideas: Us/Them in Relationships and Society

    Location:  Sebastopol Library 7140 Bodega Ave. Sebastopol, CA 95472
    And who is the presenter? I went to the Ted Talk on Introverts and was supremely disappointed by the presenter. Won't go again if it's the same fellow.
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