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    Theatre Acting Skills for Real Life Workshop

    Saturday, January 26th;3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    Where Hw 1 Jenner Ca 95450, Russian House 1
    Cost 25
    Event Website Add to Google Calendar
    Discover what makes you unique and who you are through specific movement exercises, involving breath – sound – voice.

    • This two hour long introductory workshop will concentrate on stripping of the mental and physical stereotypes.
    • It will help you to delve into your inner “I” and understand and sense your true self through a series of physical and psychological exercises involving breath, sound, voice, movement, and self awareness.
    • You will deepen your sense of space, time, and rhythm. You will learn how to sense and understand another human being without verbal contact through series of acting exercises.
    • The culmination of this workshop is the achievement of the Zero state, which will help you to build a character from scratch to a full persona
    About the facilitator: Ella Tereshchenko

    Ella Tereshchenko, professionally trained actress, director, and acting coach, graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater and Film in Russia and become an early member of Internationally acclaimed Adasinsky’s Derevo Theater Troupe.

    She went on to co-found Leen Teatro, which represented the Czech Republic in international theater festivals performing all over Europe. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in directing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she also taught acting. After graduating, she directed, performed, and facilitated workshops in New York, Hawaii, California and Russia. Her unique style of teaching is a synergy of the most effective acting exercises from Russian classical acting school and combination of Russian and European avant-garde acting techniques.
    In 2017, she worked with Viktoria Naraxsa, choreographer of Russian Punk Band Pussy Riot, on The Tempest at Linekona and Naraxsa’s experimental performance Close at Mark’s Garage. Ella has recently co-founded Honolulu based Rhizome Theater Lab.

    Please wear comfortable clothes to move and comfortable shoes.
    Location: Russian House 1, HWY 1, Jenner, California 9960 (PO 158), Jenner, CA 95450
    For questions: +1707 865 9456
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