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    Friday, January 18th;7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
    Where 425 Morris St Sebastopol Youth Annex
    Cost $15
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    Sweat Your Prayers ~ Sebastopol January 18, 2019

    'We dance to reclaim
    our brilliant ability to disappear in something bigger, something safe,
    a space without a critic
    or a judge
    or an analyst.
    The beat is a lover that never disappoints
    and, like all lovers, it demands 100% surrender.
    It has the power to seduce moves we couldn’t dream.
    It grabs us by the belly,
    turns us inside out and leaves us abruptly begging for more.
    The beat is bad, wicked, sick –whatever the word is now.'

    “Dance to fall in love with the spirit in all things”
    ~Gabrielle Roth

    ~ COME DANCE ~

    We know that feeling, moving, quieting and communing through the beat, through song and movement, having time to process deeply in a space beyond words, powered by the energy of being with ourselves in community, will reveal volumes and be an ally to us finding a more true alignment within our selves, in connection to the whole.

    ~ COME DANCE ~

    “When we dance, we wake up, we get down and juicy with ourselves, we have fun and forget all the heavy shit we carry around. In the dance we get real, get free, get over ourselves. Movement kicks ass. When you truly surrender to your own rhythm, you look so cool, so mysterious, so seductive— the way you deep down really want to look but don’t trust that you do.” ~ Gabrielle Roth

    We, here in Sebastopol are part of the huge Dance Tribe on this Planet, we are connected to the thousands upon millions of people dancing to claim their freedom. Yes!! We know there are always many changes in the outer world and within ahead .. change moves us. When we move our body, surrender to the universal heartbeat in the dance: it clarifies and inspires revelation and when listening gives us a knowing... a knowing of who we are and who we are not. The dance floor gives us time to shut out the voices around us and room to practice showing up for yourself and some time to just be in your own dance of life.

    We do this for ourselves so we can be more present for the changes in our own lives, our partners lives, our children's lives, our peoples lives and the people we have yet to meet lives ~we need each other to keep dancing, to dance the I am awake dance... to be free .. .

    ~ COME DANCE ~

    You, Sweat Your Prayers
    We, Sweat Our Prayers

    ~ COME DANCE ~

    Sebastopol Youth Annex
    7:30 warmup
    8-10 Dance waves

    Great new inspired beats by Leslie

    bring water/layers

    I am inviting you to bring someone new to the dance floor this year

    Looking forward to seeing you

    ~ COME DANCE ~
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