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Eclipse stargates are potent quantum generators of transformation. Theytrigger purging and releasing outdated energies that no longer serve you.

Due to gamma photon Light frequencies, the carbon tetrahedral patterns of the body are shifting and adjusting, responding to new stimulus of intelligence in the crystal tetrahedron.. The tetrahedron accentuates the upwards momentum of the Phi Spiral into higher chakras, higher frequencies and higher dimensions. The crystalline global grids contain the pyramidal light patternsthat will anchor the Light Body into the physical vessel. The 3 Universal Year will enhance your ability to physically embody your Divine essence.

Patricia will lead the group in harmonizing the RAMA chants to create a group energy field. RAMA means sun on earth or light in the 3rd dimension. It draws from sources as ancient on planet earth as the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations, as well as those from beyond our solar system.

Travel in a DOUBLE TETRAHEDRON through the Eclipse Corridor as the Paiste 38" Sun gong
permeates every cell in your body as you traverse through the higher dimensions and frequencies to physically embody your Divine Essence. Other instrumental allies include tuning forks, chimes, bells, drums, rattles, rainstick
and voice.

Bring pillow, blanket, mat, eye cover (or bandana), water in a closed container, and anything else you may need for comfort for lying on a wood floor. If you have a crystal or sacred piece to charge in these energies, please bring it.

Patricia Everitt is a Sound Healing Ceremonialist, Reiki Master and shamanic practitioner.
2421 Lomitas Avenue in Santa Rosa
SUNDAY January 13th
4:30pm to 7:00pm
$22 - $55 (sliding scale)