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    Wisdom circle with evalena rose

    Sunday, January 27th;3:30 pm - 7:30 pm
    Where Sebastopol, CA
    Cost $35
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    Come share warmth and camaraderie as we dive into the highest wisdom for these times.

    Enjoy sharing your wisdom and hearing gems from Evalena’s 40 years as a healing practitioner, spiritual seeker, and seminar leader.

    Drop deeper into sacred truths as Evalena channels Babaji with whom she’s worked for 33 years. You’ll love this deeply fulfilling audience with Spirit. Your inquiries welcome.

    We’ll complete with a Pot Luck. Please bring healthy food, preferably gluten, dairy and peanut free. Best if already prepared.

    These groups take usdeep into our inner wisdom, the place where we speak our way into new understandings. Let’s soar into our Light together.

    Evalenais a MetaTherapist, intimacy and communications coach who has evolved herself and her private practice for 40 years. She blends metaphysical and therapeutic practices with healing work that is multi-dimensional and transformative. She channels The Council of Twelve, co-creating deeply therapeutic and life-affirming sessions. For 30 years, she has practiced Tantra, teaching it for 21.

    Evalena has had decades of study in alternative healing, relationship skills, spiritual paths, emotional release, inner child work, and recovery from incest, abuse, and addiction. For 30 years, she has practiced Tantra, teaching it for 21 You can see her in Asheville, NC, occasionally in the SF Bay Area, and by video chat and phone worldwide.

    Mahavatar Babaji is an Ascended Master who has worked with this planet for aeons and serves as part of The Council of Twelve, one of the ancient councils of the White Brotherhood of Light. He may be best known as the Himalayan Master in Autobiography of a Yogi.

    While he has had incarnations on Earth, he is immortal and a loving, transcendent presence. It is an honor to channel him and to sit in his presence

    *Address will be provided with ticket purchase or RSVP to [email protected]

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