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    Angel Symbol - For self healing and free offer

    I am a VortexHealing practitioner and am starting a process to log 25 hours using this specific symbol, although anyone including non-Vortex students can use it (but as a student I have other tools) - the link contains directions on how this can be done.

    I am offering 10 sessions by distance and will start offering 15 in-person sessions at Songbird in Cotati, though given I need to pay rent that will be at cost rather than free. If you have a space where we can meet that would work too. No strings attached, I just want to accumulate the 25 hours working on other people as mentioned at the link.

    If you're interested after reading the website I can tell you my experience, but basically there have been times when it is very obvious there is some other agency involved - for example going to a group healing where I start feeling the energy very distinctly before I get there, (and before any practitioner even knows I will be going) filled with bliss through the crown when my heart should be broken given life circumstances to give one example - though there are obviously different experiences. I have experience in other modalities including Reiki, Medical Qigong and Matrix Energetics - but I have decided to practice this modality.
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