Looking for Someone Who Only Uses Unscented Laundry Soap to Do My Laundry about once a month. 1-2 loads. You'll be using my soap of course, but if the machine has had scented laundry soap in it recently, I will still get a racing heart because I have chemical sensitivity. So it's important that the machine has only been used recently with unscented non chemcal laundry soap. No Gain, Tide, or ALL detergent etc. I also need someone who has not used dryer sheets in their dryer. 2 safety pins on 2 different items in the dryer will stop static cling.

With folding pickup and delivery I can pay $25 for 1 load, $30 for 2.Or if you are in a household of only 2 people I will buy laundry soap for you and we can do it as trade/part trade.

I'm also wanting someone who can pick up juice at The Nectary in the Barlow in Sebastopol 1x a week.

I need someone with a gentle no haggle personality who is easy on the nervous system. I live in SW Santa Rosa at Wright Rd and Ludwig Ave and am a sweet person to work with. I will ask for 2 references.