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    Next: How to Engage after Global Climate Action Summit (UN Facebook pages)

    Jerry Brown's (and 4000 attending delegates from everywhere) Global Climate Action Summit was a resounding success in many ways - amazing presentors, a great deal of passion from the likes of Harrison Ford, Robert Redford, Arnold Schzwarznegger, Jane Goodall - the cheerleaders for reversing global warming all lined up. You can visit the videos online at Facebook UN Foundation pages.

    I wanted to point out what people in Sonoma County can do to support this huge ongoing effort - and you can in so many ways with 350 Bay Area, with Center for Climate Protection, with Daily Acts - we're rich in great organizations! As you can imagine, there is more work ahead of those who take it on than there was for the Greek character, Sisyphus pushing a rock up a mountain for eternity - and yet it is satisfying and necessary work, the moral issue of our time? Certainly top of the list for me.

    Here's my blog while GCAS streamed on my other computer:

    So, with a background in political science and Berkeley SDS and riots, I’m overwhelmed with the humongous amount of info., characters, YouTubes, videos, webinars and opportunities for interaction with the Global Climate Action Summit and reversing global warming in general. 4000+ delegates! Major corporations pledging to use clean energy. Mayors of C40 cities parading their progress toward resilience – wow! Read 1/3rd of the world’s people would somehow be involved with these days and then the rest of our
    livesto work on these crises…and we have to have that or watch the world crumble further without making any repairs. REVERSING GLOBAL WARMING URGENTLY NEEDED.
    Sad to say, most friends never mention global warming – it’s as if it doesn’t exist except for the FIRE SEASON we now have in California and the HURRICANE SEASON on the East Coast and the MELTING ICE CAPS and new DESERTS and on and on…you probably know all this but would rather watch something fun or listen to music? I do that, too – but the nagging voice in my gut (or head) says: DON’T JUST STAND THERE, DO SOMETHING! (Or even the Buddhist response, DON’T JUST DO SOMETHING, STAND THERE!) Takes contemplation AND action!

    So HOW to engage right now in this largest gathering of global good guys and gals ever assembled in SF or anywhere? You can watch most sessions streamed by writing Global Climate Action Summit in your Google search. I’ve seen 10 hours thus far – sometimes no sound! Funny when they were translating from German and you couldn’t decipher content from Goethe Institute. Got better though.

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    Re: Next: How to Engage after Global Climate Action Summit (UN Facebook pages)

    Sonoma County has a network of climate activist groups that formed a year ago. There are 24 Sonoma County climate groups in the network along with many individuals. We meet each month when there is a 5th Monday from 7-9 PM at the Peace & Justice Center. We coordinate our efforts to support each other's work and we join together behind one campaign at each meeting.
    We are Sonoma County Climate Activist Network (SoCoCAN!). Our next meeting is at 7 PM on Monday, October 29 at 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa 95401.
    We have supported each other and networked around many campaigns. Campaigns we have unified to work together on so far are: sustainable rebuilding after the fires, all electric building standards for new buildings in Santa Rosa (no fossil fuels), and local mobilization with buses to the Sept. 8 climate march in San Francisco.
    For more information and to connect with us go to or write to [email protected].
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