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    Continent as Backyard

    EZLN: 300, Part II: A Continent as a Backyard, a Country as a Cemetery, Unique Thought as a Government Program
    and a Small, Very Small, Ever So Small Rebellion Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés, Sup Galeano

    Subcomandantes Moisés and Galeano (smoking pipe).

    From our analysis of the world we move to the continental level.
    If we look above…
    We see the examples of Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina, where supposedly progressive governments have not only been removed from power but prosecuted, and the governments that have taken their place are ones that have been trained as good overseers—obedient to capital, that is—ready to take on a realignment of the world plantation (though, to be fair, even in their cynicism they’re still pretty clumsy). Take Temer in Brazil, Macri in Argentina, and that guy in Ecuador who was supposed to be good because he was chosen by the now-persecuted Correa (a man of the “citizen’s revolution,” “a leftist” according to the progressive intelligentsia who backed him) but who, it turns out, is actually on the right:
    Lenin Moreno (yeah, paradoxically
    his name is Lenin). Under the watchful eye of the State that has become the policeman of the region—Colombia—threats are issued, destabilization efforts are undertaken and plans are made for provocations that would justify “peace force” invasions. In all of South America, we see a return to the brutal times of the Colonies, now characterized by a “new” extractivism—really just the same ancestral plunder of natural resources, categorized as “raw materials”—but endorsed and promoted among the progressive governments of the region as “Left extractivism”. This is supposed to be something like a Leftist capitalism or a capitalist Left, or who knows what it’s supposed to be because it destroys and dispossesses just the same, only it’s for a “good cause” (??). Any criticism or movement that opposes the destruction of the original peoples’ territories is written off as having been “promoted by Empire” or “backed by the right-wing”, among other equivalents to being “a conspiracy by the mafia of Power.” In sum, the “backyard” of Capital extends across the continent all the way to Cape Horn.
    But if we look below...

    continues here
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