Since yesterday and during today, the media has been running a story backed by statements from Mister Alejandro Solalinde (who presents himself as a presbyter, priest, clergyman or however its said, Christian, Catholic, Roman Apostolic) about an alleged approach between the EZLN and Mister Andrés Manuel López Obrador and that “the EZLN already agreed to have a first dialogue” (textual words by Mister Solalinde). [An example of a media report is published below, following this communiqué.]

About this lie the EZLN declares:

First: The CCRI-CG of EZLN, the political, organizational and military directorate of the EZLN, hasn’t agreed to a first dialogue with anyone. As is well known by whoever has even minimum knowledge of the EZLN and its ways, a matter like this would have been made public well in advance.

Second: EZLN hasn’t received from Mister Solalinde anything but lies, insults, libel and racist and sexist comments, by assuming just like it was done during the days of Salinismo and Zedillismo, that we are poor ignorant indigenes manipulated by the--quoting his own words--“Caxlanes (outsiders) who administer Zapatismo” that don’t allow us to look down and kneel to the man who Solalinde considers the new savior.

Third: We understand Solalinde’s need to be in the spotlight and his demand for our submissiveness, but he is wrong about the EZLN’s Zapatismo. Not only he is wrong about that. We don’t know much about it, but it seems like one of the commandments of the church that Mister Solalinde supposedly serves, which goes: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor," and you won’t lie.

Fourth: As anyone who knows Mexican Law would be aware, Mister Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not the President of Mexico, and he is not even President Elect. To become “President Elect” the Electoral Tribunal Of The Federal Judicial Branch needs to emit a declaration about it; afterwards the House of Representatives has to issue an edict on the Official Federal Gazette where it communicates to the population that now there is a President Elect. And according to those same laws, he is not a President in Office until he swears on the day of December 1st, 2018. By the way, according to the new Electoral Reform, he won’t rule for 6 years, but for 2 months less than that, unless the constitution is reformed and re-election becomes allowed.