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    Urgent: IHSS help needed

    Location:  cotati
    young-at-heart elder, disabled for many years, worse after fires, needs reliable, trustworthy, honest and experienced care provider for driving to multiple medical appointments and other errands, laundry, housekeeping, and personal assistance at my home in the Cotati area.

    Necessary:valid CA DMV, fully insured and good driving record, good communication and listening skills, ability to follow directions, LGBTQ+affirming and friendly,fragrance and scent-free, as much as possible.., ability to lift 3 and 5 gallon water bottles.

    Preferred: someone who loves my prescription service (companion) cat, (15 yrs.old), enjoys acoustic music (at low volume), including some live music by professional(s), adept at organizing papers,etc. and/or gardening assistance as well, (paid for out-of-pocket)...

    Includes 142+ hrs/mo from IHSS, around $1940/mo for one or more people (some extra bonuses for quality work and driving expenses...) thanks and look forward to hearing from u soon!
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    Re: Urgent: IHSS help needed

    Location:  cotati
    Hi there ! My name is Megan Iím 22 years old I live in Rohnert Park and I have been with ihss since 2013 Iíve had clients in between and I donít have a client at the moment. The last client I had was in March of this year and I left the end of March to go on state disability because I had a baby in April and Iím due to return to work this week now and I have no client. I know how to do personal bowel care and bathing and grooming and dressing and meal prep . I have my own car for transportation so Iím able to go do errands or if you decide to come along thatís no problem. Valid insurance and valid license and registration everything is up to date Iím a very safe driver I have a clean dmv record. I have references if you want them I can give those to you and if you feel interested please give me a call at 707-484-3568 Iím also flexible 😊
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    Joe foot

    Re: Urgent: IHSS help needed

    Location:  cotati
    I read your reply to the customer for urgent IHSS if you're available or become available in the future please give me a call at 707. 799. 8902. I'm a quadriplegic that is in recovery needs to be put on commode, cleaned, taken to doctors and physical therapy as well as working out at gym. I live in bodega Bay if that works for you.

    Have a blessed day and I look forward to hearing from you one way or the other.

    I'm sorry my name is Joe Foot.
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