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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    Happy LBGTQ+ Pride to all!

    June is Pride Month and best wishes to all for safe celebrations and freedom from oppression every day of the year, all over the world, by those who have prejudice and who seem to value their hate over others' love, including most in the current illegitimate federal "government" of U.S., and including some, in our own backyard, here in Sonoma county, esp. RP, Penngrove and points south. I've been targeted because of my rainbow flags with knocks and doorbell ringing at my door, and hate messages, (including "turn to jesus, who will save you from being gay") left at my door and on my vehicle,etc.

    Kudos to all the volunteers and participants of the recent Pride event in Santa Rosa, today's parade and celebration in SF, and other celebrations all over the country and the world. There is so much work to be done, in certain states and areas of oppression. There is yet to be a federal law in the US which protects the rights of those of us, usually at least 10 % of any group, who are LGBTQ+. Many "governments" throughout the world still prosecute, torture and kill us for being different. Chechnya, Russia, Uganda, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, to name a few...

    Also kudos to Positive Images, a non-profit organization in SR, that I'm sure has saved many lives, by providing a safe space for young people to meet and learn communication and leadership skills, to PFLAG (parents, families and friends of LGBTQ+ people), QSAs in schools everywhere, Community Centers who serve our communities and the Rainbow graduations at SSU and elsewhere...
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