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    Himalayan Vinyasa Krama, Pranayama

    Monday, April 22nd;9:00 am - 10:30 am
    Where Sebastopol
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    Classical Himalayan Yoga
    Vinyasa Krama, Pranayama and Meditation with Kara Weimer
    A Holistic Yoga Practice

    Morning (Cleansing) Kriyas~Conscious Breath Specific Slow Vinyasa~Pranayama~Mudra~Meditation~Mantra ~ Mindfulness

    Vinyasa Krama is the original yogasana that integrates pranayama into the asana. This system is based in Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga, emphasizing "prayatna shaithilya ananta samapatti bhyam”- and designed to increase our sattvic tendencies by slowing down our breath and heart rate and calming our mind.

    It's foundation is the traditional ujjayi breath which has a pause or kumbhak after each inhalation and exhalation for stillness and aligning the prana - which trains the heart and the mind for stillness.

    Using the conscious, expanded spiritual ujjayi breath, concentration and precisely synchronized slow movements with intelligent sequencing, subtle yogic elements, mantra, pranayama and meditation- we infuse prana throughout the body, ruminating and merging into the internal sound current (nada) - calming the mind creating a meditative state while strengthening the body and opening up the energy channels.

    Practicing vinyasa in correct sequence (krama), with correct ujjayi breathing as transmitted via lineage supports proper distribution of prana into the cartilage tissue, sinuous musculature of the body, internal organs and nadis.

    Uniting Body, Breath, Mind & Spirit - Cultivating Mindfulness, Peace, Physical Health, Vitality, Well Being & Spiritual Awareness

    These practices are from the Himalayan Vinyasa Krama/Pranayama system that Srivatsa Ramaswami studied one on one with Krishnamacharya for over 33 years - and the Himalayan Vinyasa Krama/Pranayama from the Hansa Yoga tradition/lineage of His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda.

    Alive Yoga

    972 Gravenstein Hwy Suite 110
    Mondays 9-10:30am
    [email protected]

    With a background in dance, Kara has been studying yoga and the healing arts for over twenty three years. She has trained extensively with Himalayan yoga adepts in ancient esoteric disciplines using the breath as the guide for transformation and self empowerment.

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