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    If you're feeding Hills or Royal Canin "prescription" food, you need to know about this.

    Please don't blindly trust any vet. Having a vested interest in these brands encourages them to prescribe.
    Look at the ingredients ONLINE, where you can magnify them, and realize what's in them.

    "At 11 years old – Maria’s cat Princess was overweight. In 2013 her veterinarian prescribed Royal Canin Weight Loss Management kibble giving instructions to ONLY feed this food to Princess. Over the next year, following the exact directions of her veterinarian – Princess continued to gain weight.
    In 2014 Princess was diagnosed with Type 2 Feline Diabetes…even though Princess was fed a diet prescribed by her veterinarian.
    The next ‘treatment’ was Hills m/d prescription food – wet and dry formulas. And over the next two years – Princess was seen by 23 different veterinarians. She went through many, many treatments and over these two years was diagnosed with…

    • Feline Obesity (fatty lumps)
    • Fatty Liver Disease
    • Feline Diabetes (type 2)
    • Periodontal Disease (all teeth removed over 2 x dental procedures)
    • Jaw Cancer
    • Feeding Tube permanently inserted into her neck to get around the jaw cancer.
    After the diabetes diagnosis…every single veterinarian she went to recommended Hills m/d diet and only Hills m/d diet. After six months on the Hills prescription diet, Princess’s health continued to deteriorate.
    By September 2015, Maria took matters into her own hands. She had been researching real food for Princess, she put her on a raw meat diet. Within six months Princess lost over 3 pounds and her diabetes began to stabilize. Unfortunately, the multiple illnesses that Princess suffered from were too much to overcome. Princess passed over Rainbow Bridge in April of 2016.
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