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    Local Assistance Center Opening for Sonoma County Residents Impacted by the Fires

    Local Assistance Center Opening for

    Sonoma County Residents Impacted by the Fires
    Update: October 13, 2017; 3:00PM

    SANTA ROSA, CA– The County of Sonoma and the City of Santa Rosa are opening a Local Assistance Center (LAC) in partnership with FEMA and the California Office of Emergency Services on Saturday morning. The LAC is a one-stop-shop with critical services for residents who have been impacted by the fires. Some of the services include:

    • FEMA Disaster Recovery Center to provide direct assistance,
    • Department of Motor Vehicles services to help people to obtain documentation that may have been destroyed,
    • American Red Cross
    • Insurance companies to help process claims,
    • Small Business Administration services,
    • and a cadre of County and City services like crisis and mental health support, employment resources, child support services, water and utilities, veterans services, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and Section 8 Housing assistance.

    The LAC will be open from 9:00am to 7:00pm for at least two weeks and likely longer at the Press Democrat building in downtown Santa Rosa at 427 Mendocino Ave. between Ross and 5th Streets. Parking is free off of B St. in the city lot. The site is wheelchair accessible. Spanish translators and a children’s play area will be available.

    The community can contact the Sonoma County Community Hotline (707) 565-3856 for more information.
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    Re: Local Assistance Center Opening for Sonoma County Residents Impacted by the Fires

    i want to share with Wacco subscribers...this is remarkable-
    so, for some of you who are not on our activist mailing list, and i don't do FB, this might help you all plug into some amazing people who are working really hard...
    please read this...thanks, and wherever any of you can help, most appreciated....Please read and do what you may

    When the dust has settled, Nichole Shoopman and her sisters so deserve, along with so many others too, a hip-hip Hooray!
    She is amazing…
    Be safe
    Here it is…:

    Hi Friends. All of us, if we are not personally affected, and lost so much, we all know someone who has…
    SO, I want to tell you a story- and reach out to everyone:

    I know a woman in Santa Rosa, have known her for many years, and she and her husband have been friends of my kids since they were kids…
    She lives, off Occidental Rd. her name is Nichole Shoopman and today she and her friends, and my daughters, daughter in law, their kids, and so many others,
    Made up provisions for many many people who need help, Now…
    Donations are coming in from everywhere.
    Nichole who actually organizes huge events all over the country, including the Dali Lama Compassionate Foundation, has received thousands of responses from her networking. Donations of $$ and other things are coming she said from all over the country.
    She and her sisters, have done this work for many years.

    Nichole and my daughters and friends made up hundreds of bags today to donate to families. She also said that whenever possible they are trying to give suitcases filled with clothes and other stuff to people and not just bags, something she said, She learned from the Lake County Fire. It makes people feel better.
    Several of their friends have lost their homes and their young children are very traumatized.
    Another one of my daughters, who also lives on land in Santa Rosa, took in victims of the fire and giving them a space to live.

    Today, they packed up bags of stuff filled with brand new items, donations from kids who bought school clothes, with tags still on them, and gave them up. Everyone pitching in wanting to help, even the littlest of them.

    Nichole’s home has essentially become a command center for donations from everywhere. As we were talking on the phone, she had to go because several people and trucks just showed up from Sacramento.

    So, if you or anyone you know can give anything up, donate, share food, clothes, $$$ you can call Nichole. Her number is 707-571-9106….

    Nichole told me people come with everything, not just for people, clothes, basic necessities (soap, toothbrushes, hair stuff, combs, hairbrushes, floss, shampoo, Qtips, mouthwash, etc. etc. ) but our dear animal friends are not forgotten either- animal food, animal beds,
    Carriers, etc. etc.

    Please, help if you can. I know it will not end for a long time...
    But, Community- what else is there?
    keep it coming xo

    In gratitude,
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