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    Sonoma Solidarity

    Student wishes to interview those who have been to Standing Rock

    ​This student sent our group Sonoma Solidarity with Standing Rock a message via Facebook asking for help finding people to interview who have stayed at the camps at Standing Rock. If you have been to the camps, and agree to be interviewed, please contact her directly at [email protected] or on Facebook: ​.

    Hello, I am a graduate student from Brussels, Belgium, writing my thesis on solidarity politics. I have chosen the Standing Rock protests as my case study, and am therefore looking for people who were present in Standing Rock protests camp between august 2016 and February 2017. Being in Belgium, it’s pretty difficult to find some people to interview from here! Do you think you could put me in contact with a few people to interview over skype? Thank you for your time! Joséphine

    ​She also says:

    I am working on the alliance of environmental and indigenous activism. The common ground, but also the challenges this puts forward. Standing Rock protests made many very different people come together, and I am trying to see to what extent they came together : did they share the same goals, did they have the same "enemy", etc. That's why I am conducting interviews, and I'm trying to interview people with diverse back grounds, in order to represent the multiplicity of activists that were in SR. The questions will be around the person's personal view of the struggle, motivations to go, and experience on camp. Here is my email address : [email protected] . Facebook is also fine. Thank you very much for your help!

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