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    Candidate for Sonoma County Sheriff: Former Commander John Mutz

    If we can get Freitas off our necks at the recall election, maybe we can replace him with someone good.

    Name:  Mutz for Sheriff.png
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    Former Commander John Mutz
    Candidate for Sonoma County Sheriff

    — Building a Service Culture —
    Change requires integrity, transparency, and courage — and the knowledge, dedication, and expertise to design and implement a plan to achieve the change over time.


    • Restores Community Trust
    • Enhances Both Community and Deputy Safety
    • Likely Reductions in Crime and Higher Solve-Rates
    • Reduces Fear — Leading to Greater Cooperation and Safety
    • Increases Transparency and Openness
    • Minimizes Likelihood of Financially-draining Litigation

    • Increased Officer Training and Development
    • High Priority on Community/Neighborhood Engagement
    • Enhanced Level of Community Service
    • Resource Support for Community-based Officers
    • Leadership Accessibility (both in the community and among officers)
    • Systemic, Data-Driven, Decision-Making to Ensure Effective Outcomes
    • Priority on Internal Morale (707) 634-4768

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