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    Offering doggy "time-sharing" with our 2 adorable cockapoos

    My wife and I have 2 wonderful 8-month old cockapoos (cocker spaniel-poodle mix), and are finding that with our traveling, we need to find others that would like to spend time with doggies but are unwilling or unable do so full time. If you would like to spend anywhere from a day up to several weeks at a time with these special animals, please consider this offer. They play with each other all day, which is why we have two of them—surprisingly, it actually makes it easier to care for both of them than it would be with just one. They are fairly small, house-broken and have had a loving, trauma-free life, and this breed is particularly intelligent and affectionate. We would need to know that you can provide them with a safe environment in which they get the exercise and love that they need.
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    Re: Offering doggy "time-sharing" with our 2 adorable cockapoos

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    Am very interested. They look wonderful. I've been saying for years that I miss having a dog, but I cannot parent by myself, for some of the same reasons that you listed. I travel, and can get quite Busy in my life sometimes. So the only way I could do it would be to coparent, and never got around to advertising that.I live in Guerneville on the river, I'll bet those pups Would swim. Haven't thought of two of them. But I'm willing to consider. Shall we talk? Laurie , 321-2465
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