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    How Has Your Life Changed Since Trump Took Office-One Valuable/Potent Response from Quora

    I started following this post a few days ago on Quora, and for me this was the most valuable answer I've read so far. I'd love to hear your personal response, and your thoughts about this one.

    Penina Winisdatter, Childfree, Skeptic, Blind

    How has my life changed? I have become a better person.

    I wear a safety pin, now in EVERY garment I own. 24/7.
    I also wear a RESIST button so that people know my politics.

    How does this make me better? It means that I will stand up and actively protect those who are being harassed. Since Trump has been in office, I have, twice, intervened in an incident. I expect that I shall do so again. And again.

    Tomorrow I will attend a meeting of my chapter of Lions Clubs International and I will give a talk on what to do if you witness harassment or violence against Muslims women, minorities or the disabled. Why? Because I have seen a rise in such incidents.

    I am a Lion. I am also a defender of the weak against the strong. I will not be silent. I will not be passive. I will not look the other way. I will not make excuses for bigotry. I will use my white privilege to protect those who do not have such advantages. I will speak up!

    “Where Lions meet, be present, Lord. Weld our hearts in one accord. To do Thy will, Lord, make us strong. To aid the weak and right the wrong.” - Lions Creed

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