Seeking Collaborative Living Spaces In Marin

Seeking one night per week collaborative shared living locations in Marin. It does not matter which night; whatever works for you!

Seeking multiple shared domicile one day per week locations in Marin. A team of friends are doing the swap-night couch-surfing thing with others in Marin in conscious community collaborative social engagement.

We are that group of people, that you heard about, (ie: and similar efforts ) that swap different locations weekly on an as-available basis. It is great because you get to meet new and interesting people, trade services, make money and find opportunities you might otherwise not discover.

You, as location-holder, get $18.00 per night for your location plus free use of the "Sharer's" services. ie: you can get just about anything fixed, get an open-source computer set-up, get an on-line newsletter or website built, get any size animals taken care of, get help with your art project, have in-home cooking, etc... and all of the sorts of things that creative-type people can offer. It is kind of like people are PAYING YOU to hang out with you and help you do things. You get the money from them and one hour of help. Any extra hours are between you and the Sharer.


1.) A room with a bathroom with shower, 1 bed and 1 parking spot for one night.


2.) A campsite 12ft. x 12ft. spot for tent for one night with hose within 200 feet and electric plug within 45 feet or so and 1 parking spot. FYI: Sharers have solar if you don't have the power outlet.

Sharers can commit to long term or short term arrangements. Sharers all have life-time expenses coverage, so they will always be able to pay the stipend. All Sharers certify that they are non- drug user, non-drinking, never incarcerated, healthy-lifestyle folks.