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    Warning to all Windows PC users

    Heads up to all users of Windows PCs:

    There is a new Ransomware Virus that has hit tens of thousand of PCs all over the world this weekend called WannaCry or WannaCrypt Ransomware. If you get it, it encrypts all your pictures, documents, etc. and asks for a $300 ransom to unencrypt them back so you can use them again.

    Microsoft created a patch for it back in March so all PCs that have automatic Windows Updates turned on are protected.

    However, if you're still running Windows XP you are not protected. Microsoft, however, has released a patch even for Windows XP which you must download from their website.

    And please remember to be extra careful about email because that is how the virus comes in.

    Mark Siedler
    (707) 548-2700
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