Men's Manifestation Group
Seeking other men who want to play big in their lives to join a group dedicated to consciously practicing the art of manifestation. If you believe in the law of attraction—that we create our lives and our circumstances—and you’d like to sharpen your skill to attract what you really want in your life, keep reading.

You already “know” this stuff. You’ve read the books, listened to the tapes, maybe gone through various programs that teach it. You get it and understand it, but you know there’s still a gap between understanding and mastering this. You’re looking for a supportive group of like-minded men who want to move into the next phase of powerfully manifesting the good stuff in life.

For you, that means manifesting abundance in the areas of health and fitness, wealth, relationships, career, full self-expression—whatever those unfulfilled desires may be for you.

This idea has been nagging at me for a long time, and I finally decided to act on it. So, I’m forming a group of men to meet at least twice monthly—maybe for breakfast—in Sebastopol or Rohnert Park who meet the following qualifications:

  • You know there is a higher power and that your success ultimately depends on learning to listen to and follow that guidance.
  • You’re willing to take full responsibility for whatever shows up in your life as a reflection of what you put there—not as the result of what the universe is doing “to” you.
  • You’re interested in support and sharing, but not a “support” group where the focus is primarily on talking, complaining and/or endlessly indulging people's story. You already get the theory behind this and want to associate with other men of action.
  • You are a man of your word, and want to strengthen that muscle because you know it’s the foundation of personal power.
  • You are willing to share openly, be coached and contribute your wisdom in a master-mind style setting.
If this posting speaks to you, you know who you are. Send me an email, tell me a little about yourself and let me know if you’re willing to commit to a men’s manifestation group. I’ll get back to you with details if we have at least 4-5 other men who are called to join us.