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    Michael Flynn is screwing Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and he doesn't care

    Michael Flynn is absolutely screwing Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and he doesnít care

    when Michael Flynn retroactively registered a foreign agent this week, he set off a bomb within the Trump-Russia scandal. Flynn is now coming clean about the half a million dollars he took from a Turkish government intermediary, and when he took it. In the process heís indirectly exposed the fact that Donald Trump and Mike Pence both knew Flynn was on the take from a hostile foreign government at the time they made him National Security Adviser.

    Worse, Flynn has exposed that Trump and Pence both lied about it to the public.
    Even worse than that, itís blown apart the claim that Flynn was forced out because he lied to Pence about his phone calls with the Russian Ambassador.
    Pence can no longer believably paint himself as this put-upon innocent character who had no idea Flynn was a dirty rat until he read about it in the headlines.
    If Pence lied to the American public about knowing Flynn was dirty on Turkey, then itís a reasonable assumption that Pence lied about knowing Flynn was dirty on Russia as well.
    Just how much did Mike Pence know about the Russia scandal at the time? And so as bad as this is for Trump, it may be worse for Pence.

    t still begs the question of why Michael Flynn is suddenly doing this. By registering now as a foreign agent, heís admitting he broke the law by not registering while he was on the take. Heís voluntarily implicating himself in a past crime in an attempt to now get himself on the right side of the law. You know who does that? Someone whoís listening to his lawyer. And you know what else lawyers tell their guilty clients? Flip on your bosses and sing like a canary in exchange for leniency or immunity. Flynn is already Trump and Penceís worst nightmare Ė and itís just getting started.
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