Would you like to have a mentor in your life? Someone who is ready to provide wisdom, compassion, understanding and guidance for you?
If so read on.

I am offering to that special person my mentorship and support in the areas of sexuality and feminine power, understanding
herstory as a woman and why it is important, healing from sexual trauma, spiritual guidance, and Akashic counseling (www.heartandsoulmentor,wix,com), and or taking my classes. We can discuss this more when we speak.

You see I have years of training and experience in all of these areas, and am just redesigning my website and will be offering my courses and priestess training to the world of millennial women very soon. You can read a bit more here at my current website:
The School of Womyn's Mysteries.

In exchange for my becoming your mentor I would like you to provide me with 3-5 hours of social media support. You would have to be social media savvy of course and preferably in the age range of 25-35 since the women I wish to reach are in that age range as well.

So if you are intrigued by my offer, have the time to give and would like a mentor/friend in your life like me, someone who can really support your personal awareness, spiritual awakening and stepping into your full feminine power please contact me. I have much to give if you are ready to receive.

Please email me at [email protected] and put in the subject: Mentor Desired and some days and times that we can speak along with your number. We can interview each other and then go from there.

Many blessings and hope to hear from you soon,