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    I haven't been able to be online much, due to a poor internet connection while I'm staying on a friend's couch, during this extended period of homelessness. But, pet food continues to make tragic headlines. I can only hope that more and more of you will subscribe to Susan Thixton's and PoisonedPets.

    Recently a PetSmart dog food was recalled after several complaints about dogs choking on metal pieces. Also, big news is that Penobarbitol has been found in pet food. This drug is used when euthanizing pets, then the dead "meat" is sold to pet food processing plants, and ends up in pet food. I've posted about this before, and will continue to warn people of drugs in pet food, even if they don't care about the dead dogs/cats in the food they give their beloved pets.

    I've made my CAT Advocate services available to cat guardians, and have received calls regarding mysterious symptoms of illness or disease. I'm not an expert on all issues, but I've devoted many long hours to research, and feel confident to guide cat guardians in solving problems. However, every case is different, and I need to know the details. Many people want quick answers, but problems develop over time. If we were to eat junk food once in awhile, we may not suffer side effects, but if we make it a steady diet, we will be at risk for health issues. It's the same with pets.

    Recently I got a call about a friend's male cat that was having problems urinating. This is usually a sign of a urinary tract infection, and this cat was diagnosed with "crystals" in the urine. If you've ever had a UTI, you know how painful it is, until you start treating it. Maybe cranberry juice has helped, or you needed anti-biotics, but this cat wasn't given pain meds, but an alternative "treatment" of saw palmetto. My friend called me, because her cat wasn't getting better, ,and since she's low income, she was considering euthanasia. That was 2 days ago, and I haven't checked in with her. I told her to get pain medication for this poor cat. This is one of those rare times when I'd recommend an anti-biotic.

    Why hadn't the wonderful vet prescribed either?
    Because money was an issue? I know that vets get donations from people who lose their pets. I've benefited from these donations that would have cost over $100 that I couldn't afford. There was a time when euthanasia seemed to be my only answer. The vet showed empathy, and took the additional $200 charge off the bill, after I'd already paid $300. I asked a friend for a loan, but she said she "didn't have it". If the vet hadn't reduced the bill, my sweet cat, Mitzy, wouldn't be here, but may have added her sweetness to a batch of pet food.

    For those of you who have MALE CATS, please start using the inexpensive mineral D-Mannose in your cat's wet food, daily. And, start weaning your cat from dry food, which causes UTI, and many other health issues. It's a preventative for UTI. (For people and pets) I first learned of this from Vitality Science, and paid $30 for a small bottle. Now, I know it's available from many sources, much cheaper. It only takes a small amount, depending on your cat's weight. My cat is 8lb. and I give her about a quarter tsp. a day in her morning raw food. I was told she had "crystals" about 7 months ago when I saw blood in her urine. She got pain meds and anti-biotics, and a new regime of D-Mannose. I love seeing those big clumps of pee in the litter box, along with healthy poops, from a raw food diet. (Rad Cat)

    Even though raw food is expensive, just as organic food is, I subscribe to the notion of "Pay NOW, or pay LATER..... maybe with your cat's life. I'll do without something, as most of us would, to keep her healthy and free of disease, if at all possible.

    If anyone needs help with cat issues of any kind: health, behavior, mysterious symptoms, I may be able to guide you. But not without having an intake questionnaire filled out. I've sent this to many people, but they never take the time to fill it out. Maybe they feel guilty because they haven't been aware enough. I don't know the reasons, and many people simply take their pet to the vet, which seems reasonable. However, all vets are not equal, except the fact that they're "nice and friendly". Wouldn't you be happy to see your clients, which translate to big bucks? In my previous business, I was always friendly, even to people I'd never socialize with, or couldn't be considered "kindred spirits". They represented part of my "bottom line".

    There's not enough time or space to devote to the many issues of pet health, and choosing vets. I took my cat to 5 vets, and was even rejected by one "very friendly" vet, because I wanted to know what drugs would be used for teeth cleaning and extraction. My "concerns" were an issue for her. Yes, this is a local vet that many of you love. One of the three drugs was scrawled on a piece of scrap paper, before I left. Although the price was lower than the rest, I simply couldn't trust this vet.

    I have a FB page where I post valuable information: Please check this out periodically to be informed of various cat related issues. There are many other valuable sites, such as Cat Centric, which has a large following and offers personal communications between members. They have a website and a Facebook page.

    In the meantime, feel free to email me with cat concerns. I'm also on Quora, as a cat expert, with many answers to common questions. I don't bother answering the silly ones....

    I'm still homeless, but have a little better internet connection, so I'm more available, but don't text, and I don't "wear" a smart phone. "Tech Neck" is becoming a serious issue for women who spend hours a day looking down at their screens.
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    UPDATE! D-Mannose is working, and my friend's cat is better. He turned up his nose at Hill's special "prescription" cat food. That's one smart cat! And he doesn't even know about the law suits against Hill's and Royal Canin for false advertising....along with other companies named in the lawsuit. The curtain is being lifted, not fast enough for pets who've died. Don't let yours become a statistic! Unnecessary diseases and deaths are preventable, but we need to look up from our screens and notice subtle changes in our pets, before it's too late!

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by Shandi: View Post
    ...Recently I got a call about a friend's male cat that was having problems urinating. This is usually a sign of a urinary tract infection, and this cat was diagnosed with "crystals" in the urine....
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