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    Late night Military jets

    Im Curious as to these recent military jets flying over area lately. I've heard these off and on over past many years. Also, was wondering about a Drone I saw and heard over Santa Rosa/ sebastopol 3 months ago at about 3 in the am doing a large square grid flyover for about 40 minutes.I saw this one with my own eyes. Does anybody know what might have been going on? Please serious replies only. P
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    Re: Late night Military jets

    No real information here- but isn't there an airshow of some sort coming up at the airport in SR very soon? Can't say I've *seen* any military jets in recent days but have heard what somes like some in the past 2-3 days.

    As to the drone...can't say anything real but they are all over the place now- I know countless people who have had experiences with them. Mostly neighbors. I remember ~8 months or so ago I had to go into the Target at Coddingtown looking for...?...something I couldn't find anywhere else locally...and was amazed/shocked at the number of drones they had (and their costs). I'll add- I know a LOT of cannabis growers who have had neighbors, or their kids drones checking out their spot in the past year or so...
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