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    In a protesting kind of mood?

    Can you believe this?!? The universe is really testing us.

    Yesterday (Friday the 20th), we witnessed something quite unbelievable - (I can't even bring myself to say it). And then...

    ...tomorrow, Sunday, CVS' new location in the heart of our beautiful downtown is to open. The long, seething wait is over. Personally, I don't set foot in CVS. My personal boycott has provided me a small glimmer of satisfaction. But here's my bigger concern - the way CVS does business is to crush any competition; RiteAid, Safeway, the liquor store, convenience stores... They are all fair game to CVS' low prices.

    CVS bullied their way into downtown, first promising to build using local contractors (anyone know of any local folks who helped build this thing?), and then, threatening to sue the pants off Sebastopol if the project wasn't approved. CVS is located so that the very first thing you see when you enter Sebastopol is the CVS logo. Their location intercepts any tourist-related pit stops from local businesses. It's situated on a direct, one-way conduit from the hospital. Oh, and traffic at the corner will be fun to watch. And I know first hand that CVS does not donate to any local schools or little league or nothin'! But, if you shoplift booze, at least you have multiple get-a-way options. Regardless, CVS has not proven themselves to be the "good neighbors" we heard their representatives claim, ad-nauseum, they would be. And it might be the reason some of these other businesses will struggle to stay afloat in the future. Then what?

    I am not happy they built their store where they did. Though, I must say, I don't mind the faux brick building. Perhaps, in the future, it could serve as home to more creative endeavors. AN-Y-way...

    What I'm trying to tell you is that a CVS protest is slated for tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd at 10:00am. Plenty of free parking in the CVS lot. Bring your own sign. Slogan ideas are welcome. A few I've heard already are...

    "Down with Chinese bandaids" "Don't be a CVShole" "CVS stinks out loud" "No More Cheap Bathing Caps"

    Well, you get the idea. Don't use a water-based paint and bring a raincoat. A thermos of coffee or soup might not be a bad idea, either.

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