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    2 easy actions to do on Jan. 20th- Jan. 21st to protest inaguration and equal rights

    First: Don't turn off your TV in protest, turn it on a station that will NOT broadcast the inauguration so the share of viewers will be low and make MSM know we don't want to listen to Trump trash and how many do not support the incoming tyrant. The ratings will plummet and send a message to corporate media and the Donald. Please pass this on as this easy protest is catching on around the country!

    Second is to attend the following day Women's March January 21st which is for everyone who cares about rights for all people, religion and orientation. There are 281 events scheduled across the world this day. Please register for the Santa Rosa or SF march. In SR Jared Huffman and Lynn Woolsey will be speaking. Here is the link:

    As a protestor of the Vietnam War in the 1960's, protests do matter and we shut down the Vietnam War. Don't sit on your couch and complain, get out there.
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