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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    Would you feed your pets food made from crickets?

    This is an edited copy of my response on

    Well, we know that cats eat a variety of life forms, and mine has eaten crickets that have gotten into our house, along with lizards, mice, birds, etc. all without AAFCO/FDAís approval. And we also know that dogs seem to like to eat cat poop, also not approved! I would want to know what other ingredients are included and the nutrient breakdown.

    As far as not being approved by the AAFCO and the FDA, letís not forget that many pet foods that WERE approved have killed our pets! Do we really trust them to protect our pets? Look at how they respond to Susan Thixton's inquires.

    Iíve recently purchased protein bars that were made with crickets, and a friend is thinking about raising them for food products. Consider the possibilities that this may actually be a step towards more sustainability, and less dependence on livestock.

    Americans are going to be forced with transition that is considered normal in other countries. Food is just one aspect of that. In a crisis situation where food is scarce, crickets may be a life saver for us and our pets!
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