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    archetypal astrology on Hillary and The Donald

    Found this valuable, noted some excerpts on "an astrological view"

    "And who better at this time than to have patriarchal man of the old, traditional mind-set and a woman that has come into her power to show us a glimpse of where are culture is at the moment in the United States? This is truly new territory for the country. Just that can be a catalyst for a deeper look into the shadow of our social-economic structure." (Trump's) natal Venus in the sign of Cancer in conjunction with Saturn at his birth. ..He is meant to be big, shine for the world and be noticed. But as a beginner in anything, there are minefields and pitfalls in learning to be this new archetype. Some of the biggest shadows is a sense of entitlement and the exploration of vanity to even the denial that he has no shadow or vulnerability and that he is a winner in all respects.....with Cancer he brings his family into the limelight with him in support of his ‘peacock throne’ where he can show all of his colors.....Trump’s Gemini Sun) he can make up the rules and change them often..It can make Trump crafty, brilliant at times, a shape-shifter...he enjoys what the effects of words and actions have on others...s the ability to move and inspire people to go in his direction...understanding certain emotional tides in which he can direct the current and flow

    This is a purely underworld cycle where things will tend to be beyond his control. It is intended for him to surrender and can also act as an antidote to hubris....


    "...her expression of Scorpio is also in the spotlight and she carries with her the ages of oppression on women built-into Scorpio. This archetype is about control and mastery of the emotional and physical realms, a healthy ego-structure and willpower and maximum life force energy as an end in itself. ..she has worked to gain personal power through the training of understanding the mastery of her emotional and physical realms..
    Scorpio can be highly ambitious but it doesn’t seek power to be noticed or become a leader, like Leo does, or to get results, like Capricorn, but instead seeks it as a way to channel the life force...Hillary does have a capacity for empathy and understanding what it means to be of service to others through her lineage in the Pisces Moon...While she has a natural streak of being nice and genuine, she can be highly self-involved and even aggressive when she taps more into her Scorpio nature....and protecting her personal power through keeping much of her private life private, which causes some accuse her of keeping secrets,,
    her natal Mars is in Leo, which means her own inner beloved (or inner masculine) is the charismatic leader dedicated to radical, radiant self-love. Her husband, Bill, has significant Leo present (Sun and Mercury in Leo) in his chart and now her current opponent has it front and center in his natal Mars and Ascendant. Her past opponent when she ran for office in 2008, was Barack Obama and he also has an abundance of Leo (his natal Sun and Mercury).
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