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    A Call To Action On Measure M From Occupy Sonoma County

    Occupy Sonoma County Endorses A Ban On Cultivating GMO Crops In Sonoma County


    Click here to send a donation today.

    Pick up lawn signs at these locations or email here.

    If you can spare one hour (or more) please lend your help to this campaign.
    • Join a phone bank or make calls in the convenience of your home.
    • Put up window signs where you shop and lawn signs around the county.
    • Talk to the voters in your neighborhood. Get a voter list here.
    • Write a 200-word letter to the editor and send it to [email protected] or other local papers.
    • Attend the Measure M fundraising Halloween dance on Friday, Oct. 28, 7-10 PM at Sebastopol Grange, 6000 Sebastopol Rd. (Hwy 12), Sebastopol. Suggested donation $10-20.

    This campaign is almost over. We need one more push from everyone to reach the voters and ensure a yes vote on Measure M. Walk your neighborhoods and put out signs - spread the word. We the citizens got this measure on the ballot. Now let's band together and make sure it passes. Let's stand strong for Sonoma County and not allow it to get into the hands of big corporate chemical companies who will destroy its rich sustainability, natural resources, habitats, and nutritious unadulterated foods.

    Sonoma County not only provides enough high quality food, wine and body care products that it can sustain its citizens, plus provides sustenance throughout the world. Let's stand up for our farmers, food, and body care producers that make Sonoma County capable of being a self-reliant community where we and our children and grandchildren live. We need to protect ourselves from Big Ag to keep our community healthy and safe for us and our future generations. We have the right to fight for what is ours.

    Let's teach our children to take care of the Earth by showing them how to practice preventative care of our lands and waters by keeping corrupt corporations out. Capitalism will exploit the land and its people. If we don't take action they will take our water, food, and livelihoods, eliminating our natural resources, our creatures and pollinators, and the life of our soil that gives us life of which we do depend on to thrive happily balanced. We are dealing with those whose hearts are cold and their spineless greed for profit and power lead them to crimes against the Earth and humanity. They have no reverence for life and no care of harming others.

    In 2014, there were more than 270 organic farms and food producers operating in Sonoma County. 80% of Sonoma county dairies are Organic, and more than 40% of the land used for farming is pastureland. GMO cross-pollination is a serious threat to Organically certified agriculture. It is hard to know definitively, since GMO reporting is not required, but very little GMO cultivation is occurring here currently. As consumer demand for Organic and non-GMO foods increase, the manufacturers of food products look for GMO free ingredients. This is a precious resource for us to protect.

    Monsanto, Dupont, Dow, Syngenta, BASF and Bayer are dumping massive funds into an advertising campaign to oppose Measure M. This was expected, and also shows that we can win. Please do not assume that Measure M will pass without a groundswell of community support. Your help is needed now!

    [email protected]

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