I am looking for a land space in which to build a tiny house on wheels. There will be two of us doing the building, one a contractor, and myself the owner and designer of said tiny house.
The trailer is 30' x 9'9" and the space would preferably be relatively flat with a well compacted soil.
Access to power by way of extension chords is needed.

The framing of the structure will be steel and the goal would be to have the structure enclosed (and from the outside appear complete) within 2 months. After the structure is enclosed the majority of the build will be interior and for the most part a quiet process.

I am open to a variety of different options to make it worth your while, ie: trade, barter of services (I am an advanced Rolfer/Therapist/and Fitness coach with over 25 years experience and many very satisfied customers. Or I could just pay rent for the space on a monthly basis.

To begin the process of getting to know me please visit my web site:

If you have any ideas of locations, friends with land and are willing to pass the word along so that I can make this dream come true it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!!