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    Thanks to FOGR supporters!

    THANKS to your generous and swift donations, Friends of Gualala River and Forest Unlimited have MET THE IMMEDIATE GOAL TO FUND THE BOND FOR THE “Dogwood” THP PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION!

    We are deeply grateful and overwhelmed by the passionate commitment of many donors and "angels" who have stepped forward at this critical and optimistic juncture in the lawsuit. Your support has transformed a crisis into new opportunity to protect miles of the floodplain redwood forest.

    FoGR, Forest Unlimited, and our new partner in litigation, California Native Plant Society-Dorothy King Young Chapter (Mendocino-Sonoma coast region) welcome donations to support the challenging legal climb still ahead: our precedent-setting lawsuit to bring proper CEQA rigor and scrutiny to bear on Dogwood and all subsequent logging plans that encroach precious floodplain redwood forests, and their wetlands, plants, wildlife, and waters.

    Real reform to provide meaningful public and expert environmental review to all logging plans is now a realistic prospect for our efforts, fueled by your support.

    For latest updates on our progress with the Dogwood THP challenge,
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