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    Jim Wilson

    Plotinus Reading Group?

    For many years I have been nourished by the works of Plotinus, the third century Greek philosopher and mystic, who is credited as the founder of neoplatonism. Now and then I find others who are also nourished by his thought and insight. And I am wondering if there are enough people who have this interest to create a Plotinus reading group.

    My tentative vision of the group is that it would meet once a month. Each meeting we would study, discuss, and talk about one of the essays of Plotinus, known as the Enneads. This would not be a gathering for scholarly discussion; there would be no requirement that people know Greek (I don't know Greek), or have a degree in philosophy (I do, but that would not be the focus of the group). I am thinking that the group would gather on something like a Wednesday or Friday evening for about 2 hours. I think that in order for the group to work there needs to be a minimum of six people, including myself.

    In keeping with the vision of Plotinus, the group would be open to people of different religious, or non-religious, persuasions, as well as different philosophical commitments such as non-dualists, dualists, etc. It would be a place for monotheists, pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, nature spirituality practitioners, and secularists to discuss spirituality with each other using a work that is open to these different forms of understanding.

    This is a sketchy outline because I'm not sure that there are enough people interested, or who have the time, to make something like this happen. So this is kind of a test just to see if there is interest. If you are interested, please respond to this post and I will contact you.
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