I've recently subscribed to, the website of Dr. Will Falconer, a certified homeopath VET.
I'm blown away by the information contained in this site. He's recently been the victim of hacking, by I wonder who? Same with pet advocate, Susan Thixton of

Some whistleblowers are technically "hacked", others are "hacked" down by being murdered. There's a lot at stake for someone's bottom line, as more and more pet guardians become AWARE and INFORMED.

Take this information to heart, or risk losing your beloved pet to DANGEROUS phamaceuticals in the form of vaccines, pills, chewables. It doesn't always show up immediately, and may take months to see the toxic symptoms.

As soon as you notice a change in your pet's normal behavior, take a deeper look at what medications they're taking, and what food their eating. Prescription food ingredients provide a clue to what you may realize isn't healthy or "prescription" at all. Find the food online, then check for ingredients, at a "size you can read". Prepare for a shock when you look at the first 5 most important ingredients. These can also be found in the cheapest pet food on the market. But you're paying a premium price, and your pet is getting low quality ingredients at health risk. Just like when we take prescription drugs to solve a health issue, and end up with a worse condition.