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    Environmental Voters: not a 'persuasion' problem, but a 'turnout' problem

    Great news for the climate action movement!!!!! From Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL):

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    “Then, in early 2014, my research revealed some really surprising data: namely, that there are actually tens of millions of Americans who deeply care about the environment as one of their top political priorities…but these people are awful voters, so they never show up in likely voter polls and they’re never targeted by political campaigns. This made me realize that the environmental movement may not have a ‘persuasion’ problem; instead, we may just have a ‘turnout’ problem. And that’s good news because getting an already-persuaded environmentalist to vote is far easier (and cheaper) than persuading a non-environmentalist to begin caring about the environment.”

    Environmental Voter Project:

    Will climate-focused voters have an impact on the 2016 Presidential election and 2018 midterm elections? “What I know for sure is that environmentalists definitely can have an impact in 2016 and 2018 if they show up. The numbers are on our side; we have an environmental majority in this country – but it’s a largely inactive majority – which is why the Environmental Voter Project is focusing on registration and turnout. We’ve identified 15.78 million non-voting environmentalists. In a presidential election, where roughly 125 million people vote, those environmentalists can change everything. In a midterm election, where barely 80 million people vote, they could have an even larger impact.”

    Climate Action: Do it for everyone you love!
    It will take ALL our political will to get the job done!

    350 Sonoma County
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