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Da 9-11 Truth Campaign™ To End 59 Years of
Mass Murder and Plunder For Fascist Agenda.
Sept. 4, 2006 © Abuse News #2610, by John Jenkel,
da 9-11 Bounty Hunter, Graton, CA , 800-500-7083

Speaker Hastert's Lie
Speaker Comments on Federal Judge Ruling of NSA Surveillance Programs

Calls on Democrats to Join Effort to Ensure Terrorist Surveillance Programs Continue

August 17, 2006

(Washington, DC) -- U.S. Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert today responded to the ruling by a U.S. District judge that the federal government's wiretapping surveillance programs are unconstitutional.

"America cannot stop terrorists while wearing blinders. We stop terrorists by watching them, following them, listening in on their plans, and then arresting them before they can strike.* Our terrorist surveillance programs are critical to fighting the [phony] War on Terror and saved the day by foiling the [staged ?] London terror plot.

“We cannot lose sight of the fact that America needs this information to protect itself. If the courts of final review rule that these procedures don't work, we will find a way that does.* We hope that the Democrats will join us in an effort to make sure America continues these vital terrorist surveillance programs."

Nonsense. America needs to protect itself from traitors like Dennis Hastert. Lying terrorist Hastert and 214 other traitors in the House deserve to be voted out of office in November, like Anti-GI Joe Lieberman and 21 other pro strike-firsters in the U.S. Senate. The "War on Terror" is actually a war on truth. Terrorism as been around since the first male ape raided another ape family and cross bred. It took a huge leap when Jews crucified Jesus to end his preaching about his virgin mother. That war is still raging.

Terrorism took another huge leap when Congress passed the National Insecurity Act of 1947 that created the CIA. The CIA builds hatred of Americans by covertly serving corporate agenda on foreign soil with revolutions, regime change, assassinations, etc.

Terrorism took another huge leap when insiders made we the people's common defense stand down for the organized crimes of 9-11. Enron-sponsored, 9-11 Non-Commander Bush exploited the planned crash-landing by Enron-sponsored al Qaeda Martyrdom Battalion kamikaze goons on Flight 93 into the window of anti-Enron VP Cheney. Bush apparently used the event to cover an attempt to kill his wife. Laura had been booked at Booker "for weeks."

Terrorism took another huge leap when Rep. Hastert and 372 other traitors in the 107th Congress treasonously authorized an impostor commander in chief to strike on foreign soil with deadly U.S. military force without first declaring war in unconstitutional, criminal, fascist, and evil Public Law 107-243, the Undeclared War/Mass Murder Act of 2002.

The third most powerful terrorist in the U.S., Hastert, tried to deceive Americans by telling us we must violate the constitution with warrantless wiretappings to listen to terrorists who are probably foreign patriots justifiably reacting to Public Law 107-243. We the people can not do anything about evolution and holy wars, but we can force the Speaker to declare a cease fire in a terrorist producing undeclared war that 273 terrorists, Speaker Hastert, and top terrorist, 9-11 Non-Commander Bush, started, or we can fire Speaker Hastert in November.


Da 9-11 Truth Campaign™ To End 59 Years Of
Mass Murder and Plunder For Fascist Agenda.
Sept. 4, 2006 © Abuse News #2607, by John Jenkel,
da 9-11 Bounty Hunter, Graton, CA , 800-500-7083

Labor Day red, white and blues

We the deceived and intimidated people are blindly led to allow strike-first Congress and 9-11 Non-Commander Bush to legalize mass murder through undeclared war in Public Law 107-243. This unconstitutional, criminal, fascist, and evil law authorizes the use of deadly military force in Iraq without a declaration of war. It serves fascist agenda and corporate gain, not we the people. Ask the #1 Victim of an immense conspiracy to coverup this mass murder, 9-11 Truth Campaigner Mary E. Morrison, when she is not destroying herself or tweaking.

To get Supervisor Gavin Newsom elected as San Francisco's mayor in 2003, Modern Mary of Arc was brutally held in isolation by Sonoma County Sheriff Bill Cogbill under a fraudulent order by California Superior Court Judge Robert S. Boyd for 22 days with no bail on a suspicious Montana misdemeanor. Then she was shipped in shackles to Bozeman, Montana for 15 more days of torment until da 9-11 Bounty Hunter, John Jenkel, bailed her out with $4,000 cash on Christmas Eve, 2003.

Now Mary is being protected by "Boss" Cogbill and District Attorney Stephan Passalacqua in a deal where she is allowed to be da Meth Queen of Sonoma County as long she does not hold the bastards accountable for locking her up for 37 days for political gain. Adorable Monster Mary, da Mistress of Meth, has given up family and country to maintain her self-destructive meth habit. The sores on her pretty face are getting more difficult to hide and her teeth are rotting. On Thursday, Judge Cerena Wong played along with this deal by dismissing Mary's crimes of having drug paraphernalia in Rohnert Park, offering meth to a minor, Maksym Nazarenko, in Santa Rosa, and contributing to his delinquency on the author's farm. The Santa Rosa Police stopped its pretend investigation and Boss Cogbill never investigated.

The #2 victim of the mass murder coverup conspiracy is Rachel Lamm who finally forced Sheriff Cogbill to release her brother Darrick Saturday at 1 a.m.. Twenty year old Darrick had been held for over two years on a trumped up probation violation for a non-violent crime he probably never committed to discourage his lioness sister from working on da 9-11 Truth Campaign. Between her brother's cruel and unusual punishment by Sonoma County officals, aided by Brown/Green wine machine attorney Martin M. Woods, her restraining order-violating neighbor, Elizabeth Zbinden, da Wicked Witch of the West, and the dead beat fathers of her two children, da Lovely Lioness has all she can do to be a single mom and hold a job.

Mayor Newsom's wife, Kimberly Guilfile, probable left him because he won the $5 million 2003 mayor's race by only 6% at Mary's expense. Because Cover Boy Gavin did not make a clean sweep, his sponsor, da "very articulate black man" Willie Brown , the only self-admitted material witness to the planner of 9-11, withdrew his bid for U.S. President. Cover Boy Gavin fronts da Brown/Green machine that protects CIA-promoted undeclared wars and all levels of organized crime, including:
~ the stand down of our $385 billion per year defense investment on 9-11
~ USAF attacks on restored Flight 93 and the OSI in the Pentagon on 9-11
~ terrorist insurance scams, controlled demolition, and pipe dreams on 9-11
~ over 2,500 unplanned murders triggered by 9-11 Non-Commander Bush
~ the delay of United Flight 93 to save Laura Bush which caused over 2,500 murders
~ the 274 traitors in Congress and "I'm a war president" Bush who legalized murder
~ strike-first Public Law 107-243, da Undeclared War/Mass Murder Act of 2002.

Unconstitutional, criminal, fascist and evil Public Law 107-243 is depriving about 100 persons of life each day in Iraq, and thousands more of liberty and property each day, without due process of law, as required by the 5th Amendment of the Constitution For the United States. Da 9-11 Truth Campaign forced Sebastopol to petition Congress to repeal this law. Now it forces Congress to honor Sebastopol.

The second shot heard 'round the world and in Connecticut
The Honorable Sarah Glade Gurney, the mayor of the City of Sebastopol, California, appears to be the only constitutional attorney in the United States. Under her leadership, on May 18, 2006, on a motion by Honorable Council Member Larry Robinson, the Sebastopol City Council unanimously fired a second shot heard 'round the world. Five patriots passed a petition, attached Exhibit A, calling upon their federal representatives, U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, and U.S. Representative Lynn Woolsey, to "make every effort to initiate and support the rescission of Public Law 107-243," da Undeclared War/Mass Murder Act of 2002

There has not been one word in the media about Sebastopol's world class, life saving action. However, it must have been heard in Connecticut through the neighboring New England Office of staunch Public Law 107-243 opponent, U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy. He apparently paid attention to da 9-11 Truth Campaign and reads Abuse News. Both of Connecticut's senators voted for legalizing mass murder in Public Law 107-243. One got da boot. The other's days are numbered.

On August 8, Connecticut Democrats dumped ardent Public Law 107-243 supporter Joseph Lieberman. Anti-GI Joe sent U.S. troops to kill and be killed without the full faith and support of we the people provided by a congressional declaration of war. Surprisingly, the normally corporate-favoring New York Times supported Ned Lamont, Anti-GI Joe's more loyal opponent. Pro Public Law 107-243 senate colleague Christopher Dodd will no doubt get da boot in two years

After much effort by da 9-11 Truth Campaign, the City of Sebastopol, California came to the assistance of we the abused people in getting Congress to repeal Public Law 107-243. The author, John Jenkel, took Sebastopol to court to get this life saving action. Judge Allen D. Hardcastle was no help. In fact, His Honor (?) tried to discourage Petitioner by saying on record that what Petitioner was doing "was dangerous, very dangerous!" What His Honor did not do could bring him a death sentence! The mandamus case is still working after five no-show hearings by Respondent Sebastopol. If Sebastopol would petition Congress to cease fire in undeclared war, Petitioner will drop his solid case and His dishonor is off the hook.

Congress: Cease fire of get fired.
Congress must cease fire in undeclared war of congressional "choice, not necessity," quoting Senator Boxer, or get fired like Anti-GI Joe.

About five of the 100 plus victims per day of congressionally and presidentially legalized mass murder in Iraq are congressionally betrayed U.S. troops who have been treasonously ordered into harms way by an impostor who was treasonously and fraudulently authorized by Congress under Public Law 107-243. 9-11 Non-Commander Bush claims to be our commander in chief but he has never been called into actual service of the United States, as required by Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution For the United States, which specifies due process required by the 5th and 14th Amendments. Due process of law for war, or for calling forth a commander in chief to prepare for war, is satisfied only by a congressional declaration of war.

Since the last declared war, World War II, there have been over 100 U.S. undeclared wars that have killed over 10 million people. All U. S. wars after WWII lacked due process of law in violation of the 5th Amendment and have, therefore, been unconstitutional. Not one of these CIA-promoted "police action" has benefited we the people. The CIA was created by the National Insecurity Act of 1947 to serve corporate agenda on foreign soil. No other act by Congress has caused more world hatred of Americans. Da Undeclared War/Mass Murder Act added more hatred.

Why do 274 members of Congress endanger we the people by violating their oaths and contracts with us in failing to support and defend the Constitution without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion? They have sold their souls to corporate criminals or fascists who legalized and started a phony war on terror as damage control to hide their treason. Undeclared wars allow corporate criminals to use deadly military power for their greedy agenda without making the majority of Americans angry. A few cause the sacrifice of a minority, which is pure fascism.

Da 9-11 Truth Campaign does whatever it takes to expose this fascism and the over 2,500 unplanned murders on 9-11, and bring the end 59 years of mass murder in congressionally undeclared wars of choice, all of which serve nothing more than corporate greed and fascist agenda.

The power to use deadly force is reserved to we the people
Power not delegated to the United States by our founders in the U.S. Constitution is reserved to we the people according to the 10th Amendment. Therefore, the power to use deadly military force on foreign soil without a congressional declaration of war, as is done in Public Law 107-243, is reserved only to we the people, and not to the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of government. Bush has no war power, but only we the people can tell him. We can do that in November. Congress and the courts are intimidated by self-admitted political killer Willie Brown.

According to our ignored Constitution For the United States and herein supported and defended for we the abused people, neither the legislative or executive branch of government has any power of war unless Congress declares war. Bush has no power to authorize wiretaps but only da 9-11 Truth Campaign will say that.

We the people want to end secret government and corruption and restore constitutional government, liberty, and charity. When Congress reconvenes tomorrow, it must repeal Public Law 107-243 in honor of a petition by the City of Sebastopol, California, or the United States of America is in total anarchy.

Over 2,600 troops have been murdered in Iraq because brain-washed Christians have aligned with fascists in certain corporate board rooms. Iraq is America's first holy war. The case for war in Iraq is full of holes, starting with the Virgin Mary!

Cleaning Houses
In November, there are 20 more strike-first senators who should go like Anti-GI Joe, including Senators Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, and Orin Hatch. If California voters will support undeclared war oppenent Michael Metti, it will send a third shot heard 'round the world and the killing for greed will stop. But why wait until November to stop unconstitutional mass murder? Why not cease fire NOW in undeclared war until Congress self-cleans by repealing legalized murder in Public Law 107-243?

To date, undeclared war supporter Senator Feinstein, da China Doll, and undeclared war opponent Senator Boxer fail to respond to Sebastopol's cry to end 59 years of congressionally authorized mass murder in the name of we the people. On July 6, 2005, Senator Boxer told the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, "Iraq was a war of choice, not necessity." However, her staff director refused to let her Office reply to Sebastopol's life saving petition to end a "war of choice, not necessity." Consequently, complaints have been filed against Boxer aide Thomas J. Bohigian for conspiracy and treason, Exhibits B and C, by Rachel Bell and John Jenkel.

Those Americans who despise mass murder in undeclared war should be camped on the doorstep of FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III until dirty congressional aide Bohigian is charged by the Office of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales with conspiring against the constitutional rights of Complainants to end 59 years of congressionally authorized murder through the CIA.

Director Mueller is a Brown/Green machine dirt bag who destroyed the sacred evidence (human remains) of United Flight 93's being shot down on 9-11 by USAF Major Rick Gibney, AFTER the restored flight crew filed a plan to land. He also covered up the probable murder of wounded victims in a USAF attack on the Pentagon Office of Navel Intelligence by a remote controlled F-16 and its missile.

AG Gonzalez is the Brown/Green machine dirt bag who omits the critical language in Conspiracy against rights law, Exhibits D and E. The missing language allows we the people to bring death sentences for those who hinder our right "to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity" (Preamble, U.S. Constitution). We the people hold strike-first Congress and "I'm a war president" Bush accountable for mass murder.

Those Californians who despise mass murder in undeclared war should be camped on the doorstep of Attorney General Bill Lockyer until Senator Boxer's dirty congressional aide Bohigian is charged by AG Lockyer with treason for given aid and comfort to domestic enemies by hindering constituent Complainants from communicating with Senator Boxer "in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity" by holding Congress and 9-11 Non-Commander Bush accountable for mass murder.

With the Senate reconvening on September 5, 2006, if Senator Boxer does not announce the resignation of her dirty state director and stand up on the Senate floor to DEMAND that her colleagues, as their first and second orders of business, consider honoring Sebastopol's life saving petition of May 18 to rescind Public Law 107-243 and declaring a cease fire in congressionally undeclared "war of choice, not necessity" until Public Law 1207-243 is repealed, the attached treason and conspiracy complaints, Exhibits F and G, will be filed against Senator Boxer.

Failure by FBI Director Mueller and AG Lockyer to provide due process of law for conspiracy and treason complaints against Mr. Bohigian puts them in line for similar complaints. If Senator Boxer does not stand on the House floor tomorrow for we the people, Mrs. Boxer, Mr. Bohigian, Mr. Mueller, and Mr. Lockyer can all be sentenced to death IF the Complainants can find federal and state courts of constitutional law.

Da 9-11 Truth Campaign has found a California court of constitutional law under Honorable Lloyd von der Mehden in Sonoma County, but has yet to find a clean federal court.

Representative Woolsey made a faint hearted attempt to respond to Sebastopol's wonderful petition with House Resolution 5875. However, HR 5875 lacks the power of ANY constitutional grounds to repeal Public Law 107-243 as offered in Exhibit H. She has a history of evading these constitutional arguments, the most important of which are upholding the 5th and 10th Amendments.

Rep. Woolsey claims to be "leading the effort in Congress to end the war in Iraq," yet she never mentions the words "undeclared war." She also voted against a cease fire in undeclared war in House Resolution 571 on Nov. 18, 2005, Exhibit I, the same day Sebastopol passed its first resolution, Resolution 5495, that included the words "undeclared war," thanks to da 9-11 Truth Campaign and former campaigner Colleen, the Queen of Slimy Brown/Green. These may be the only official recognitions of undeclared war in the U.S.

If Rep. Woolsey does not amend HR 5875 to include the six constitutional grounds supporting the repeal of Public Law 107-243 in Exhibit H, she will be ripe for conspiracy and treason complaints and consequent death sentences as well. Complainants mean business.

HR 571 responded to the comment by U.S. Representative John P. Murtha who represents Somerset County, Pennsylvania where United Flight 93 crashed after clearly being shot down by USAF Major Rick Gibney, reportedly on direct order by cowardly 9-11 Non-Commander Bush. Well informed Rep. Murtha, a man who must have immense inner conflict over this coverup, said that strike-first policy in Pubic Law 107-243 is "flawed policy wrapped in illusion" on Nov. 17, 2005. This literally shocked Congress.

To support Sebastopol's second shot heard round the world and get constructive action from Representatives Anna Eshoo, Dennis Kucinich, Tom Lantos, Barbara Lee, George Miller, Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Pete Stark, Ellen Tauscher, Mike Thompson, and Woolsey to end the killing for corporate greed, Complainants put together a 35 page document entitled, Attacking fascism, treason and mass murder head on! It has 33 exhibits, including Exhibits A-H, attached.

Building the document Attacking fascism has been a huge undertaking by Complainants. Complainant Jenkel planned to present the document to the Office of his Rep. Woolsey prior to the Labor Day weekend on Friday, Sept. 1. Scandalously, her Offices were "closed for Labor Day."

No public official or staff dares to rest from their public labor while innocent persons are being slaughtered at the rate of over 100 per day for corporate greed in the name of we the abused people.

Congress: Declare a cease fire of get fired!

Naturally, Complainant Rachel Bell ______________________ date ______________

Complainant John Jenkel ______________________ date ______________