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    Eden Man's Avatar
    Eden Man

    Out of the Box Thinking?

    We either have a Culture, or we do not have a Culture.

    We either are a Tribe, or we are Not a Tribe.

    Good Ideas. Native Thinking. Yeah. Out of the Box Thinking. That is what we need to support.

    The Community is often seen as being an Alternative Economic EcoSystem that has to be better than the Existing System, which they are already a part of, for them to be willing to make the switch.

    And so the attitude is often, something like what can you offer me that trumps anything else on Earth, as if they had access to everything on Earth, which they most definitely do not. This Project is about as good as anything anyone here will be able to find anywhere.

    Except for the Wwoofers, who are all super fine.

    But the reason that is set up the way it is, might be because a lot of people will try to get around having to do their own fair share of the Work and the Financial Responsibilities.

    This kind of Corruption is very common among Children, who tend to learn how to make Excuses, and to tell lies, just to Get out of Work, or get out of paying Money as a matter of self-preservation first. But that is a Corruption of the True Law.

    Here we have boldly put the Preservation of the Community First, with no regard for Personal Popularity. We call that Peoples Preservation. And that loss of Personal Popularity for the Cause, is a Personal Sacrifice.

    Here we must all try to learn to work with both Free Money put in, and Free Labor put out, and so it is not just one or the other, like all Money or All Free Labor, as if we only care about the Money.

    The usual expectation is that the Free Labor would be the Equivalent of Free Money.

    But the expectation of Free Labor really is Free Labor and so Work Done is not the Equivalent of Money Paid Freely. Why? Because the Universe will not take Work for Land. For that you must pay, unless you want to wage war against your neighbors, by invading them, enslaving them, and stealing their land.

    And it is not going to be all about the Workers Rights to Reign Supreme either, like they should always come first, throughout the Universe, which has never been true.

    But the idea is that they should not have to ever do anything unless they happen to be unreasonably short on the Money, to pay their own way, which is just ordinary money, to pay their own fair share, of the responsibilities, in these Native Lands, where Money is quite Abundant, and it is very easy to get to, thanks to Capitalism, which has been the only big Provider, and Socialism, which has been a big Re-Distributor of all that Free Money, which has now become an addiction, and a racket, which is used to Buy Votes. But this land is not for sale.

    That being said, what can we offer those less fortunate people, who we do like, and who are supportive, but who just do not have the Financial Accountability needed to handle the whole money trip, without constantly hitting everyone else up for Money?

    Normally we are all Resourceful, Happy and Healthy People, with a lot of Love to give, with Grace, and Loving Kindness, and who can take care of their own needs, but we do not always recognize that some of the other people might not be able to Save up any Free Money Reserves, even after we have given them tons of it, because of a super bad spending addiction, and other bad habits.

    All that Free Money goes right down the Toilet, and that does not go to support any cause. What can be done? Not much. But there is one little thing I would like to Propose. And we can talk about that at the Meeting.

    We could offer a Super Bad Plan for a very limited time only and for a very limited number of super bad people, that they will work like a Slave, Super Bad, like a Super Dad, for 6 or 7 days a week, for the Community, and for One Whole Year, while living very low on the hog, but totally happy, and without any problems, just to prove that they are True Contributors, and not just foot draggers. And yes, it does help if you Love Plants.

    And then we will decide what can be done, to support them, in return. We cannot make any Promises here. But if they are Working, they will be Fed, and if they are Working, they will have a dry Place, to lay down their heads and Sleep.

    That is just My Proposal.

    A Super Bad Proposal. One we can afford to consider. Definitely. But let me know what you think. Come to the Meeting. And we will talk about these ideas, and any other ideas that other people might have.

    These are just the Basics of how I would like to see things unfold.

    Thinking Out of the Box.

    We could even have a Free Money Box. You just reach into the Box and Take whatever Free Money you need, Out of the Box, whenever you need it. And then you put Free Money Back into the Box, whenever you have Extra Money in your pocket, and all at your convenience, which is what people expect nowadays.

    But it should be said here, that we must align ourselves, with Native Ways, and with Native Culture, Not with the Corrupted Ways of the Old World Cultures, even though many of us were raised up within those Old World Cultures.

    Certainly most of the Immigrants have been coming from Old World Cultures where Women are still not highly valued. And so all these very thick layers of Old World Corruption, will all need to be peeled off, before we are all dragged right back into the Stone Age, by the Undertow, which can be Merciless, and so that could be a Death Trap, which we must Avoid, at All Cost.

    We will all have a chance to meet with T, and all the rest, just in order to find out how we can all become one of the Providers, who will then be able to Collaborate, on March 26. Saturday Morning at 11 am, out in front of the Jack London Lodge, in Glen Ellen, in Sonoma County, the very heart of the Wine Country, in Northern California.

    We do have 800 members, who all want to connect up.

    Hope to see you all there. - T
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