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    MissTrisBliss's Avatar

    WANTED: Car-Pool/Ride TO SRJC (from south Santa Rosa - near Trader Joe's/Target/etc.) ASAP

    Looking for one or more ride/s M-Th afternoons, from south Santa Rosa Ave @ Hearn to SRJC (1501 Mendocino). Residence located moments off Hwy 101N @ Hearn: between 101 & SR Ave, & between Hearn & Kawana Springs (*tiny* block - only 2 driveways on the west side of SR Ave between Hearn & Kawana; they both lead into one loop).

    Client has two (2) 1.5-hour (90-minute) classes on M-Th afternoons (4 days/wk); OK if you can only do 1, 2, or 3 days.

    **#1 priority is getting TO class; a ride home or downtown SR afterward would be nice, but isn't absolutely necessary.**

    • M & W -- Class @ 2:00p (class ends by 3:20p, but client can stay 'til 4p, if it helps w/scheduling.)
    • T & Th -- Class @ 1:30p (class ends by 2:50p, but client can stay 'til 4p, if it helps w/scheduling.)

    Offering: $5/day (OBO) single ride TO class (1-way); probably can't afford to ride there and home *every* day.


    1. RSVP with a Phone Number,
    2. Say whether it's text-able, and
    3. Include the Earliest & Latest times you want calls/texts there.


    *Replies lacking a Phone Number AND the Earliest & Latest Times
    to use it (as requested above) Will NOT receive a return response!*

    (Sorry; you don't even have to leave a name, but client must RSVP via phone.)

    NOTE: Please do Not reply 'publicly' to this post
    (use the 'Reply Privately' option, please).

    Thank you for your time; have a lovely Spring day!

    Last edited by Barry; 04-18-2016 at 01:49 PM.
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