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    Santa Rosa School Site Wanted

    Local Santa Rosa school needs immediate housing and faces closure at the end of this school year. We continue to look for possible sites, and welcome creative thinking to stay open. There are two reasonable scenarios that could potentially keep this school going:

    - 2 year minimum lease in Santa Rosa city limits
    - a minimum of 6 ADA accessible classrooms on the ground floor (960 sq ft each)
    - 2 offices
    - a multipurpose space for a cafeteria, community meetings, assemblies
    - a minimum of 8 toilets (3 ADA accessible)
    - a minimum of 30 parking spaces
    - enough outdoor space for 2 playgrounds

    - 2 year minimum lease in Santa Rosa city limits
    - a minimum of 3 ADA accessible classrooms on the ground floor (960 sq ft each)
    - 1 office
    - a minimum of 4 toilets (1 ADA compliant)
    - a minimum of 15 parking spaces
    - enough outdoor space for a playground (3,075 sq ft)

    If you know of anything - a church or an office building for lease - or perhaps you are a landlord looking for a meaningful way to use your property, please contact us by replying to this ad.

    This school has done good work in our community for over 20 years and it would be a great loss if it had to shut down.
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    Re: Sonoma County School Needs Your Help or Will Close!

    My daughter attended the Santa Rosa Charter School from preschool through 6th grade, and it was definitely the best experience on many levels. This was our community for many years.

    There has to be a home somewhere in this county for this wonderful school community. Here is a little info about the school:

    Our Mission Statement

    The mission of the Santa Rosa Education Cooperative is to provide a unique, high quality education and after school program for preschool through 8th grade. Parent participation, an international academic program, and a positive discipline environment combine to create a community of life-long learners and responsible world citizens.

    Our Philosophy Statement

    From its inception, Positive Discipline and parent participation have been the founding philosophies of the Cooperative. Positive Discipline teaches all our members, children and adults, respectful communication skills and personal responsibility. We expect all members of our community to model Positive Discipline while on campus so we offer training to students, parents and staff.

    We are a parent cooperative. Research shows that when parents are involved in their child’s education, the child’s level of success increases. All our parents agree to participate in many facets of the school. Through participation, parents bring to the learning environment their knowledge, skills and interests and create a vibrant and caring community for our children.

    Our educational philosophy incorporates an international perspective into an inquiry-based, multi-age classroom. In an inquiry-based classroom, the student questions drive the learning. Our hands on and real life activities support our expanding awareness and respect of other cultures and perspectives. Our focus is on teaching the children how to learn, how to ask questions, how to research and how to present information. Multi-age classrooms allow students the opportunity to succeed at their highest academic potential in a supportive environment. Cross-age learning, mentoring, leadership development and cooperative learning promote a cohesive family environment. This environment frees students to reach their highest academic achievement.

    It would be very sad for all these kids to lose this great school. And these really amazing teachers to lose their jobs. Any ideas? It could be a school, church, or business park, and they are willing to share space.

    Please help them.

    Jane Sheppard
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