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    Another A'Roma Roasters mismanagement

    posted on behalf of someone without internet access or skill
    '…in regards of my one and only son. His name would be Obadiah D'Artagnan Lomalynda. On or around 12/28/2014 my son was entering A'Roma Roasters coffee shop in Railroad Square to use the ATM. He was coming from work, so therefore he LOOKED homeless for the "men" who were taunting, harassing and spitting on Otter Streetman. My son spoke up after he witnessed Chris Spaegenberg open a pizza box from Mary's Pizza Shack and all four--Brad Fuller, Cody Brown, Reiss Larson and Chris--spit on the pizza then offer it to the homeless man. My son spoke up: "What are you doing? That's a human being! He is still a man. What is wrong with you? You don't treat people like this." At that moment Spaegenberg replied, "Shut the f___ up! Who the f___ are you? Mind your f___ business." My son thought he was dealing with a convict, thinking only such a one would become so hostile. But no, this is what we call a respectable citizen? Reiss Larson perjured himself in the court of law, saying that Otter Streetman was not there. The "victim" (Spaegenberg--yeah, the victim) had the female at A'Roma's call the police, and my son was arrested for attempted robbery and is on his way to PRISON for 16 years only because of his previous record. Obadiah had just got out on my birthday August 2, after doing a seven-year stretch. He already had two jobs and was to start SRJC January 2015, but instead, because I have raised my children to lookout for those less fortunate… We used to walk around our old neighborhood before it was popular and hand out peanut butter & jelly sandwiches; my children were 2 years old and 7 years old at the time. They were raised in Old Town; this is my son's old neighborhood; he has a house on Polk St., along with his wife and mother-in-law. Just recently Grammy passed away, New Year's Eve; he did not get to say Good-bye. Each day she would ask when he was coming home: "Where is the man of the house?" She didn't understand how some punk can make up a total lie, saying he is "scarred for life." Really, Mr. Spaegenberg, you outweigh my son by at least 100 lb., and you're at least 4" taller, and you had Brad Fuller, Reiss Larson and Cody Brown surround my son, making threats.
    'Spaegenberg and Larson went to court and lied about that whole night. What was amazing is that Reiss said in court that 30 Sonoma County residents were in A'Roma's, and none helped or even took notice of the ill manner in which this human being was being treated…REALLY NOW?
    'For all who were there that night, I am embarrassed for their PARENTS. I could not be prouder of my child; he did what I've taught him. There are times when we as parents second-guess how we have brought up our children. That is not me; their parents should all be ashamed of yourselves. That includes the judge and the District Attorney for allowing this to go this far. How could you believe such a lie and sleep at night after convicting an innocent man??? Can your mother hold her head up at the grocery store? Knowing that her child is as ugly as the "men" who thought it hilarious to spit on a homeless man unable to defend himself. Judge Laforge, DA's attorney Lucas "and justice for all"--not for OBADIAH; you have failed with no excuse.
    'Thank you who read this.
    Tessala Dakota Meyer (proud mother)'

    Is this the same A'Roma Roasters manager who threatened to call the cops on a Black man who came in with a white woman? This was described in wacco over a year ago. The owner needs to hear from us, at [email protected], to understand that we do not appreciate crackers and classist bigots in positions to harass and lie to the police to make trouble for members of our community.
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