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    Noreen Evans enters Supervisor's Race--PD article

    Former state legislator Noreen Evans enters race for Sonoma County supervisor

    THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | January 12, 2016

    Former state Sen. Noreen Evans has entered the race for 5th District Sonoma County supervisor, a highly anticipated move by a political heavyweight vying for the west county seat held by Efren Carrillo.

    Evans, 60, who last month moved into the district, to Sebastopol — and out of her home in eastern Santa Rosa — is the second candidate to enter the race, with Carrillo still declining to say publicly whether or not he plans to run.

    Evans’ move comes after she chose in early 2014 not to seek re-election to the state Senate, where she represented the North Coast for four years. Previously, she served six years in the Assembly before being termed out.

    In leaving the Legislature, Evans, an attorney, signaled her wish to resume private law practice. She returned home last year after a tenure in Sacramento highlighted by her legislation staking out mortgage rights for homeowners, advocacy for parks and coastal protection and her ascent into leadership roles in the Senate.

    But her time in the Legislature also was marked by public comments that suggested she was disenchanted with elected office, and early into her Senate term she applied for an appointment as a judge on the California Court of Appeal.

    Evans, a Democrat, who previously served on the Santa Rosa City Council, said her passion for local politics has driven her bid for county office.

    “Sonoma County needs some strong and principled leadership … I feel like I did some pretty important things in the state Legislature, but I got homesick and decided I’d rather be home running for supervisor,” Evans said. “Local government allows me to be involved with people and engage with them on a daily basis on the issues they care about and have a direct impact. That’s what I really love.”

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    Pamela Torliatt

    Noreen Evans for Sonoma County Supervisor!!!

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    Today I received the exciting news that former State Senator Noreen Evans is running for Sonoma County Supervisor in the 5th District. I could not be more pleased to endorse, contribute and volunteer to help her win this important position to represent us.

    The 5th District Sonoma County Supervisorial District includes the area of West Sonoma County including Sebastopol, Monte Rio, Sea Ranch and a large part of west Santa Rosa. Noreen has been a leader and representative for many years in these areas of Sonoma County as a former Santa Rosa Planning Commissioner and City Councilmember, State Assembly member and State Senator. One of the prize attributes of this area is our incredible coastline.

    I hope you will take the opportunity to pledge your support by endorsing, making a donation and/or volunteering for the campaign. We must understand every member of the Board of Supervisors has the opportunity to represent our interests no matter where we live in Sonoma County. In the past, we found ourselves unrepresented in South County on some critical votes. Here is an opportunity to elect another Supervisor that listens to the people and not special interests.

    Please join me in electing Noreen Evans to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. For more information and to contribute please click on this link!

    Thank you!!!

    Pamela Torliatt
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    Re: Noreen Evans for Sonoma County Supervisor!!!

    This is good news. Efren Carrillo needs to go, and not be replaced by Eric K., his devoted stand-in. We now have two qualified candidates, Noreen Evans and Lynda Hopkins. Either would be better than Efren or Eric.
    Both have their merits--Noreen with her experience and Lynda and her family, as young local farmers. Let the campaigning begin.
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