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    Look Who's Standing Behind Controversial Ingredients!

    Article from Susan Thixton,

    Campbell’s Soup
    has taken a huge step forward in food transparency. Campbell’s has decided to voluntarily disclose on it’s product labels if the food contains GM ingredients. Will any pet food company be so brave and so transparent?

    Campbell’s Soup and it’s other food products (Goldfish crackers, Pepperidge Farm, Prego, Plum Organics and V8) has made a dramatic move forward in food transparency. While other major human food producers are adamantly fighting against required labeling of GM ingredients, Campbell’s has decided to voluntarily label all of it’s foods. The company told Wall Street Journal “it would advocate for Congress to require all foods and beverages regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and the Agriculture Department to be “clearly and simply labeled” for genetically modified ingredients. It added that it would withdraw from all efforts led by industry groups that oppose such measures.”

    They also stated: “Campbell said it believes that GMOs are safe, and that “the science indicates that foods derived from crops grown using genetically modified seeds are not nutritionally different from other foods.”
    By voluntarily labeling all of their foods to disclose the use of GMOs, Campbell’s is giving consumers what they want. The Wall Street Journal article stated “the company said it also recognizes that a Consumer Reports survey in 2014 found that 92% of Americans support GMO labeling.” Campbell’s is giving consumers what they have been asking for, and at the same time the company is choosing to publicly stand behind their products – to stand behind their belief that GMOs are safe. How very rare – a food company publicly standing behind the use of a controversial ingredient.

    Agree with the safety of GMOs or not, to stand behind your ingredient choices is far more transparent than fighting to hide the truth from consumers.

    Would a pet food ever do the same…stand behind the use of a controversial ingredient?

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