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    Seeking Studio, Cottage or In law

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    My name is Susan and Iím seeking a studio for rent in a very quiet peaceful nature setting. I'm 50 years old and I am a healer, entrepreneur, writer, and networker. I have an eCommerce business.

    I am super considerate, clean, respectful, receptive, helpful, very intelligent, with a healthy dose of Midwestern common sense.

    I am: Very emotionally mature
    Organized, clean and tidy
    Take good care of property and in many cases have improved it
    Financially secure, pay my rent and bills on time, more often early
    Excellent references
    Upbeat joyful light energy with a great sense of humor
    Appreciate nature
    Holistic lifestyle
    I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs
    A resident of Fairfax and the San Geronimo Valley for 24 years
    Community oriented
    Proactively contribute to the well being of everyone around me

    I need: 350-450+ square feet
    A bathtub
    Good windows, light, sun, and cross ventilation
    Wood floors and gas stove a plus
    Laundry machines a plus
    Good cell coverage (AT&T)
    Natural environment, low traffic, low sound
    Quiet, neighbors considerate about sound
    Housing stability, preferably with someone who owns the house and intends to stay for many years
    Harmony, peace, and friendly energy

    Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 415-258-9631 I'm available to move now or when your place is available.

    Many thanks, Susan Landes
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