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    Press Release From Occupy Sonoma County - FDA Approved Genetically Modified Salmon

    FDA Approved Genetically Modified Salmon

    November 20, 2015

    After a long debate and public outcry the FDA has approved genetically engineered (GE) salmon for US consumption. In making its decision, the FDA has ignored millions of Americans and more than 40 members of Congress who have expressed vocal opposition. The FDA also neglects the concerns of more than 300 environmental, consumer, health and animal welfare organizations, salmon and fishing groups and associations, food companies, chefs and restaurants.

    Not only has the FDA just approved the first GE animal for human consumption, but it has also allowed them to be sold without being labeled as GE products. Michael Hansen PhD, the Senior Scientist with Consumers Union was deeply disappointed with the FDA's decision. “Consumers deserve to know what type of food they’re buying – and an overwhelming majority has told us that they want genetically modified food labeled in poll after poll. The decision to not require a GE label for this product takes away the consumer’s ability to make a truly informed choice.”

    ​The FDA should not have approved GE salmon for the following reasons:
    The science was sloppy and wholly inadequate. The growth hormone put into the fish increases the amount of IGF-1 which may increase allergenicity or even cause cancer if in sufficient quantity. The data gathered on six fish is not statistically significant; at least 50 are required. Diploid fish were used instead of triploid fish of the kind that will be consumed. The Prince Edward Island fish were used from much colder water instead of the Panama fish which are the ones to be used for the US market. The studies used two ounce fish instead of adults which they should have used.

    For more information on why Occupy Sonoma County opposes genetically modified foods go to:

    Voice mail: 707-877-6650
    https://OccupySonomaCounty.org ​ (en español)

    Occupy Sonoma County embraces the egalitarian, deep democracy principles of the Occupy Movement with a regional strategy for effectively organizing county-wide social justice campaigns that are globally relevant.
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